Conversion Rate

100 Yen = RM 3.90 = 1.3 SGD

Expenses for one (not included food and shopping)

Description RM SGD
*Flight Ticket 1020.28 340
Accommodation 1053.50 350
Transportation & Entrance Ticket 780.78 260
**WIYO Wifi Egg 60 20
***Universal Studio Japan 250 83
Total expense 3,165 1,053

*AirAsia return flight included meal, seat selection, 20 kg baggage (GO) and 25 kg baggage (RETURN)
**Unlimited network data for 10 days
***We bought tickets in MATTA fair

🚆Transportation & Entrance Tickets

Description Yen RM SGD
**HARUKA KIX airport express – Round trip 3260 127.14 42
**Osaka Amazing pass (2 days) 3000 117 39
**Kansai Thru Pass (2 days) 4000 156 52
Kyoto City Bus One-day Pass (500 Yen x 2) 1000 39 13
**Hanshin Tourist Pass One-day Pass 700 27.30 9
**Icoca card Total top-up 6740 262.86 88
Kobe Sanda premium outlet bus – Round trip 1320 51.48 17
Total Expense in Transportation 20,020 780.78 260

**can be bought in Kansai Airport

🏠Accommodation at Osaka & Kyoto

Day & Night AirBnB (for 2 pax) RM SGD
3D2N Kyoto (RM188.00/Night) 564 188
8D7N Osaka (RM192.88/Night) 1,543 514
Total Expense in Accomodation 2,107 702
AirBnB at Kyoto
AirBnB at Osaka

‼Optional (not included in RM 3200 Budget)

(1) Universal Studio Japan Express pass – Standard 4 :RM 268.78 = 90 SGD (Book through Klook)

(2) Kyoto Kimono Experience: RM 231.66 = 77 SGD (The prices for men and women are different. Prices also differ accordingly in the menu.)


GoPro Hero 5 Black, Panasonic Lumix GF6, IPhone 6


Day 1: Kyoto

After touching down at Kansai Airport, we straightly went to the Kyoto. Checked in our Airbnb for 3D2N.

  • 🎍 Arashiyama
  • 🌉 Togetsukyo Bridge

The two places above are only 10 minutes of walk away from each other.

  • 🍢 San Zhong Tofu

Day 2: Kyoto

  • 👘 Rental kimono okamoto (reserve the time slot through online)
  • ⛩ Kiyomizu-dera
  • 🏯 Fushimi-Inari Taisha
  • 🛍 Kawaramachi Station shopping street
  • 🍡 Tsūtenkaku New World (Kyoto)

📌Regarding the Kimono Experience, you can actually find a lot of similar shop in Kyoto. While I rented the Kimono from Okamoto because most of the bloggers say Okamoto has the most different pattern of Kimono. Okamoto has plenty of franchises in Kyoto. I booked it from the Okamoto shop just right beside the Kiyomizu-dera so we went for a walk they after putting on the kimono. The kimono rental is for a whole day. No matter what time you rent the kimono or where you go to with the kimono, you have to return it by 6.30 pm.

Regarding the kimono rental rate, it differs from different packages. Some people may want the kimono only while some people, like me, want the whole set including hairdo. In fact I noticed other girls in the street wearing the kimono from other shops and I feel like their kimonos don’t fit very well and they didn’t have the decorations and accessories like we did. It looked incomplete. After choose the kimono pattern and colour, the female staff will help you to pick a suitable waistband and some accessories. And then she will give you a big packet for you to put all clothes, bag and shoes together in it.

When putting on the kimono, we all went into the same room and the female staffs helped us to put them on. But please be mentally prepared because you may only be left with inner wear while changing kimono. It takes about 40 minutes for the whole process including the hair setting. After that, you can then get the Japanese wooden slipper on your feet and go. (I definitely won’t tell you how hard it is to put on a kimono). Oh yes, this process is same as for the men. But the price for men is rather cheaper because the kimono for men has not much pattern and there’s no hairdo for men.

Day 3: Kyoto > Osaka > Wakayama

After checking out at Kyoto, we returned to Osaka and checked in at Osaka Airbnb for 8D7N. Then we headed to Wakayama.

  • 🚉 Tama Station
  • 🐟 Kuroshio Market
  • 🦀 バイキングレストラン ゴンドワナ(GONDWANA) (Eat all crab you can)

Day 4: Osaka

  • 🤡 Universal Studio Japan

📌I am not a fan of Universal Studio Japan express pass. I got myself an Express standard 4 and it only included 4 different express game stations. It may feel good not having to queue for the game because I saw the queue was really long for the Harry Potter game station. However, it took me too long just to realize that their express ticket only entitle you to play at the game station for once. I was embarrassed when I flashed my express ticket to the staff to scan during my second attempt for the Harry Potter game because then I was told I could only use the express ticket for once. However, this T&C was not stated clearly when I bought the ticket with Klook. It helped me save some queuing time in the least.

Day 5: Osaka

(** denoted as free entrance when you get Osaka Amazing Pass)

  • 🏯 Osaka Castle**
  • 🚡 HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel**
  • 🛒 Don Quijote Umeda
  • 🏙 Umeda Sky Building**
  • 🍣 Harukoma Sushi
  • 🛀 Tennen Onsen Naniwa Hot Spring**

📌On the fifth day, we entered the Tennen Onsen Naniwa Hot Spring for free by just flashing our Osaka Amazing Pass. Although it’s separated by the gender, it’s a nude bathing so be ready. In fact, when soaking in the hot spring, no one really looks at your nude body because everyone is not wearing. In the hot spring you are provided the shampoo and body gel. But remember to bring yourself a towel, otherwise a towel rental would cost 500 Yen.

📌Don Quijote is a grocery shop that sells almost everything. The shop in Dotonburi even opens for 24 hours. However I went to the one at Umeji station because it has more variety of choices of goods. Be it the cosplay costumes, cosmetic items, electrical appliances, kitchenware or even branded bag worth hundred thousands like Hermes, you can find it easily in the shop.

I wouldn’t say the Don Quijote sell the goods at the cheapest but the shop is very complete and convenient. You can register for tax refund right after you pay the bill at the counter. So, if you would like to purchase some famous snacks and cosmetic stuffs from Japan, this is a good place for you because you can buy them all and collect the tax refund right away.

Day 6: Osaka

(** denoted as free entrance when you get Osaka Amazing Pass)

  • 🏢 大阪今非昔比舘**
  • ⛩ Shitennō-ji**
  • 🗼 Tsutenkaku Tower**
  • 🎡 Gaint Ferries Wheel**
  • 🛳 Tombori River Cruise**

Day 7: Nara

  • 🏫 Suntory Yamazaki Distillery (book through online)
  • 🦌 Nara Park (Free entrance, you can see Nara Deer everywhere)
  • ⛩ Tōdai-ji
  • 🍛 Kamameshi (Must-eat in Nara!)

📌On Day 7, I went to Yamazaki distillery, the distillery that makes the hard liqour in Yamazaki. Most of the stations there were name after Yamazaki. Please book your ticket online in advance because there’s a limited vacancy for time slot every day. The tour costs 1000 Yen and it includes 4 sessions of liquors trying with snack, as well as a tour that explains the whole distilling process to you (you will be provided a language translator). The whole tour including the shopping session takes about 2 hours. Go there if you have time.

📌The deers in Nara are very naughty. I say so because of the fact that the deers won’t give you a damn when they find no food from you. However, if they see food with you, they will follow you all the way until your food is finished. You must think that having the deers trailing you is kind of fun. But it’s not. They will use their tongue and lips to rub your clothes and bag. Your body then will be immersed will the smell of deer. When other deers detect the deer smell from you, they will stick to you once again.

Nara – Tōdai-ji

Day 8: Kyoto (one more day at Kyoto)

  • 🥗 Kuromon Ichiba Market
  • ⛩ Kinkaku-ji
  • ⛩ Ginkaku-Ji
  • 🌸 Gion
  • 🍵 Gion Komori (must eat Matcha dessert)
  • 🥓 Barbeque meat ball

📌Kyoto is very nice city. I personally love it very much. I went back to Kyoto once again on Day 8 because I left out some of the attractions in Kyoto. I usually add one more day as back up in my travel plan. I would list that particular day as if it’s not so important one therefore I would be able to arrange to go to the more important attractions that I’ve missed out on.

Posted by Daphne Chin on Monday, March 12, 2018

Day 9: Kobe

  • 🛣 Kitano chō Yamamoto dōri
  • ☕ Vintage Starbucks
  • 🗼 KOBE Tower
  • 🐄 Kobe Beef SteakLand (must eat Kobe Beef)


📌I once was told by my friends that you can hardly get an awful food in Japan, hence during the planning I didn’t really look out for those must-eat food. In this way, we managed to save some time queuing for the food. Secondly, we also managed to avoid some food that are commercialized. As an instance, we had a very nice omurice one day at Umeda station but I forgot what the shop name was.

📌I highly recommend you to try the Kobe Beef when you’re in Kobe because it’s way too good! Tell me what to do in Kobe if you don’t try the Kobe Beef!

Kobe beef


📌Someone asks me if I have any recommendation on where to buy purchase the cosmetics stuff at Osaka and which store sells cheaper. After my research and comparison for ten days, I can find no specific store that you can get the cheapest stuff all at one same store. I’m saying this due to that fact that some stores sell Item A at lower price but sell Item B at higher price. Maybe I wasn’t looking into details. In the Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street, most of the cosmetic shops allow you to do the tax refund right after you pay the bill if you achieve a certain of pay amount. So, decide it yourself.

📌If you look at my itinerary you can see that I didn’t arrange to go for shopping at Dotonburi and Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street. This is because I almost spent every night shopping there. Due to the winter season, the sky got dark as early as 5.30 pm and most of the shoplets closed at 9 pm. Therefore, I didn’t manage to clear my shopping list in the previous days. Most of the stores open from 11 am to 9 pm. If you wanna go for shopping, be early!

Tax Refund

📌Regarding the tax refunding at Japan, I can tell that most of the cosmetic shops allow you to do it on the spot provided that you reach certain pay amount. One thing to take note is that you couldn’t open or use the products/goods you intend to get the tax refund. My experience was that I was told by the female cashier I couldn’t open up and drink my carbonated drink because I included all the stuffs I got from the Don Quijote for tax refund. Eventually, they packed my bottle drink and all my stuffs together and glued them hard. After that, I told them the bottle drink was to be consumed right away and they reopened the package and reissued a revised receipt for me.

When I headed back to Shinsaibashi to get some cosmetic stuffs, I was curious and I wondered because during the tax refund process, the cashier reminded me that the package can only be opened up when I’m back to my home country. But then I noticed that the shopping bag they’re using was just same as the Jusco shopping bag which is sticked together in the middle. You can literally take out the stuff you want and consume by simply slip your hand through the big holes. I’m not here to encourage you to not follow the tax refund policy but considering that my luggage has limited space so I had to repack the stuffs when I was back at my hotel.

I asked them what if the immigration officers find out that I’ve opened up the items I bought. And then they told me the worst scenario is to return the tax refund amount to the officer.


📌When paying bill in Japan, remember not to hand in the cash straight to other’s hand (although I think this is more polite), because they would ask you to put the money onto the small plate and then they will collect it from the plate. I initially thought this was due to the fact that Japanese take care of personal hygiene. But then when the cashier wanted to give the change, they would hand the cash onto your hand. I really wondered why. Please tell me if anyone of you knows. At first I didn’t get used to it when the cashier kept telling me ‘No, put it on the plate’. I thought my cash wasn’t clean enough.

📌When taking bus in Japan, remember to get on aboard from the door behind and alight from the front door.

Thank Daphne Chin for sharing her travel story in Kansai, Japan.

10 Days in Kansai, Japan

10Days in Kansai, Japan 的影片終于出爐啦!要把幾個小時的片段剪成5分鐘真的很糾結,捨棄了很多地點的片段,最後只能用最簡單的Movie Maker東拉西扯的一點一點剪,手工很粗糙請不要嫌棄哈哈哈!關於大阪的咨詢可以瀏覽這裡:

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