This 3D2N trip to Hatyai was taken the moment we decided to do so. I initially didn’t plan to share this itinerary and just wanted to share all the travel photos on Instagram. But a lot of my friends asked me what the attractions are in Hatyai, plus I really loved and enjoyed it here, so I eventually still decided to briefly write an itinerary post to share for your reference. This place is really worth-going.

Actually we only wanted to go to KL for a small trip because all we wanted was just a short vacation to relax ourselves. Afterwards we thought that we had been going to KL and Bangkok for so many times so we started to think where else was good and near to go. In the end we found Hatyai.

To be honest, at first I didn’t think I would love this place so much because my impression on Hatyai was that it’s a not-so-developed city and it might not be as fun as Bangkok. However, the humanities culture here is so special that you couldn’t find or see it in Bangkok. In addition, the food, accommodation and transportation are so cheap here that we’re able to save a lot of money and spend them on many souvenirs. And I couldn’t believe, after all, I only spent a little bit more than 100 SGD (about 500 MYR, not including hotel and flight ticket). I have to mention that we didn’t intend to go this trip on budget at all because normally when we go to Bangkok we would spend around 1-2k MYR (not including hotel and flight ticket).

Hotel + Flight ticket

All of my friends know I’m really picky in choosing hotel. I would say I only stay in nice, new hotel so the hotel I stayed was rather expensive. So this time we opted the Hatyai Signature Hotel, which was started in the end of 2016 so you can tell it’ll be very new. The hotel service & staff as well as the room facilities are satisfying.

Only thing is that the hotel is located at the developing urban area so it might take a lil bit longer of time to reach the city centre. But Hatyai is not big and all of its attractions are very near from each other so it only takes roughly 15 minutes of Tuk Tuk Car trip to reach the city centre.

The flight ticket was booked together with the hotel. You may surf the Expedia or any other website to search for the flight ticket and hotel package. I took the Scoot airlines from Singapore and the 3D2N stay in the hotel costed us 134 SGD in total (not including baggage fee).

💰Expenses per pax

  • Flight ticket + 🏩Hotel costed 134 SGD (= 402 MYR) per pax. 
  • The expenses on Eat, Drink, Entertainment and Transportation are 450 MYR (= 150 SGD) per pax.

Therefore, the total expense is RM 852 (= 285 SGD) per pax.


This time we mainly went to those fancy cafes the girls love the most. Same as Bangkok, you can find many beautiful cafes in Hatyai as well. The food and beverages in the cafes or restaurant are way cheaper than that of Bangkok and this is the reason I love it here.

🍹Eighteen & Nineteen

A very cozy Bistro with live band performance. In the middle of the bistrol, there’s a swimming pool and it is insanely beautiful. The cocktails were spectacular as well.

🍰Billin cafe & bistro

I really love the Cafe here because it’s very magical with the theme of Tiffany & Co. The manager and staffs were nice. Knowing that my BFF and I love photo-shooting so they let us sit at the table with the best angle and view. Actually, there was a young guy sitting on the table initially, but he was so kind to offer us the seat. When leaving the table, he showed us a sign of piece. The people here are too nice!

🍳Samo coffee bar

The exterior of this cafe looked like the northern-Europe style igloo house which really made me fall in love. The manager and staffs are extremely kind and friendly as well. Due to the fact that the cafe is not located at the city centre and it’s hard to call for a Tuk Tuk car, we asked the cafe staff for help. He then honestly told us that the next place we wanted to go was actually quite near and it’s quite expensive to take a Tuk Tuk car from there. So once again the cafe manager was so kind to ask his staff to give us a lift to the next station for FREE. We wanted to give him some money in return but he rejected us. The people there were too good!😭

🎠Wine village

Wine village is a very magical restaurant. It looks kind of like the Chocolate village in Bangkok. Inside you can see a merry-go-round. You can feed the sheep and play with the parrot here. There’s a pumpkin carriage car and a castle here. So, many locals choose to have their wedding photoshoot at this restaurant. When we’re there there was a couple having their wedding photoshooting. This restaurant serves Western food as well as Thai Cuisine. The waiters are very friendly and enthusiastic.

🦀Bankampu restaurant

You must try out the Crab platter here. The crab shells are all removed so it’s easy to enjoy it. I couldn’t find this kind of crab platter anywhere else in Bangkok.

Crab platter at Bankampu

Shopping mall and places for snack

  • ASEAN Night Bazaar – Apparel sold at 1st storey, food served at 2nd storey
  • Greenway station – pretty much same as ASEAN night bazaar
Greenway station
  • Chokdee Dimsum and Bak Kut Teh – We didn’t manage to try this out because of time constraint. But we definitely will try it if we go back to Hatyai again.
  • Lee Garden Business district – This is at the city centre so you can find many snack stalls and massage shop here. The massage here is also cheaper than in Bangkok. It costed only 200 baht for an one-hour massage. You probably may see many Malaysians in the city centre. Most of them come from Perlis because it only takes about half an hour to reach Hatyai from Perlis.
Shopping Time


The main real reason I love Hatyai is not because of how beautiful this place is, but the nice people and humanities culture here. On the first day when we’re back to hotel at midnight, we found that we didn’t bring our makeup remover. Then the receptionist was so nice to offer us to ride on his motorcycle to go the the 7-11 nearby to get it. The people there may not speak very proper English, but they are always kind-hearted to help you or explain anything to you. The smiles are so sincere.

The Thai language the people in Hatyai speak there kind of mix the Malay language. Some of them even can speak Hokkien and Chinese because Hatyai is at the border. So you can actually find many Malay-Thai mix there. So if they couldn’t understand your English, you may try and speak Chinese, Malay or Hokkien to them. Some of them can speak those language very properly. Not to mention that the food there is more delicious and cheaper than the food in Bangkok. Not need to save on budget at all.

The conclusion is: I will definitely go back again!!

Thank ThinChenChee for sharing her Hatyai Trip with BFF on Leasany.