A budget-friendly yet indulgent Women-only vacation to Vietnam!

Kick start our journey to Vietnam, a kind of underdeveloped, not-so-wealthy country which has gone through Vietnam War with full of tragic history background.

As a matter of fact, Vietnam has not much of attractions. When it comes to Vietnam, only things that come into our mind are the culture and tradition of Vietnamese, and their hardworking farmers which harvest plentiful crops every year, as well as Vietnamese migrant brides. Other than that, the only thing people is familiar with Vietnam is the Mekong River, the longest river in Southeast Asia.

In our short 3D2N trip, we felt like we have fallen in love with the beauty of light extravagance in Vietnam.

Not to mention the fact that we only spent below 500 MYR  (=167 SGD) per pax in this trip but we still managed to have the best of everything in this so-called high cost-performance trip. Definitely the best choice of vacation spots for women!

Flight Ticket📌

AirAsia Return ticket from Senai International Airport (Johor) to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh) : 160 MYR (=55 SGD) per pax

Accommodation for 2 days
The Laban

We were desperate to take beautiful pictures of ourselves, longingly, so we decided to choose the hotel near the city centre of Ho Chi Minh to enjoy the convenience of being close to famous attraction spots. The French-style Window and the spacious balcony in the hotel attracted us so much that we took lot of pictures with them!

Hotel Price: 157 MYR (=53 SGD) per pax in The Laban

Expenses to Share (Included Food, Transportation, Massage, Hairwash)

The transport we took in Ho Chi Minh is mainly the taxi. We took at least 5 trips of taxi each day. But don’t worry, taxi fares in Ho Chi Minh are measured by taxi meters so they probably won’t charge you with extra fees. The food we had in Ho Chi Minh is rather a little bit more expensive than the food in Johor (a state in southern Malaysia linked to Singapore by causeways), so we actually spent a lot on the food.

💰Shared Expense170 MYR (=57 SGD) per pax

Must Go💢

🌸Tan Dinh Church
🌸Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon
🌸Saigon Central Post Office
🌸The Cafe Apartment
🌸Antique Street of Ho Chi Minh
🌸Chill Sky Bar

Must Try💢

We spent the only two days to have hair wash in the salon. Though the price is of the same as in Johor, we enjoyed the services!👍

It’s not the ordinary hair wash you have anywhere in normal salon, but the barbers gave us a head to shoulder massage for 30 minutes. The whole session took us about 1 hour. All I can say is, their service is so satisfying that they are so professional to help you with the hair do.✨


You may wonder why I don’t say ‘Must Eat’. It’s because we Malaysians prefer food with heavy taste. So, when comparing with Vietnamese Food, their food is rather too ‘healthy’ or I should say too tasteless for us because they hardly put in salt and oil in the cooking. So, I suggest you guys not to make too high expectation on Vietnamese food.

Not only that, we were kinda afraid that we would eat in cat meat unintentionally because cat meat deal is everywhere in the street of Vietnam!

Luckily, there are still plenty of food you should try:

🥖Banh Mi
Caphe Sua
🍺Saigon Beer
🥗Quan An Ngon(a local Vietnamese restaurant)
🍜Banh Canh Cua



6.30am 🌸Meet Up at Senai Airport

🌸Touch down in Ho Chi Minh Airport + Register a new SIM card(if needed)
🔅A SIM card with unlimited data usage costs around 25 MYR (= 8SGD)
🌸 Had breakfast at the airport
🌸Grab a Taxi to Hotel
🔅Taxi from Vinasun is rather reliable because they measure with meters!

10.00am 🌸Check in Hotel

🌸Attraction 1 – Tan Dinh Church
🌸Attraction 2 – Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

13.00pm 🌸Ben Thanh Market for Lunch

🌸Attraction 3 – Saigon Central Post Office🏣
🌸Attraction 4 – Saigon Opera House

16.00pm 🌸Binh Tay Market

18.00pm 🌸Pham Ngu Lao Street for Dinner & Massage & Hair Wash

22.00pm 🌸Back to Hotel

Day 2️⃣

11.00am 🌸Brunch at Apartment Cafe

🌸Ben Than Market
Pham Ngu Lao Street for Food & Hair Wash & Massage & Photo session

18.00pm 🌸Dinner & Back to Hotel

20.00pm 🌸Chilling at the Sky Bar

23.00pm 🌸Go back to Hotel


06.30am 🌸Depart to Airport + Breakfast

12.00pm 🌸Arrived at Senai Airport

13.00pm 🌸Home Sweet Home🏠

Travel Tips📌

  1. There are many dishonest vendors out there in Vietnam. Bear in mind that you should always take a look at the price menu first before you purchase anything in the local street or order anything in the restaurant. This happened to us when we had our first meal in Ho Chi Minh and we’re supposed to pay the bill for around 70 MYR (=23 SGD) but ended up having to pay 120 MYR (=40 SGD)! So, always use your smartphone apps to convert the VND to MYR to see whether the price is reasonable or not first before you seal the deal.
    Besides, make sure you always travel on a taxi that agrees to charge you the metered fare but not asks you for a high flat fee! We encountered this kind of taxi scam twice on the first day.😡
  2. Crossing the road in Ho Chi Minh, on any normal day, is an utterly terrifying act. However, once you dare yourself to take the first step, you are good to cross the road because the cars over there basically will have to stop their paces for you. Be brave!
    PS: The motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh are too much that they literally block your visibility on the road.
  3. We found it difficult to communicate with the locals using English. Therefore, prepare some pictures or addresses in Vietnamese of the attraction you are going, just in case you can’t get there by your own map navigation. In this way, if you can’t find your destination, you can show the pictures or addresses to the locals so they can give you the direction. 📌
  4. Most of the attraction points are located in the District 1. So, try to look for hotels that are within 2 km of distance from the attraction because we found the traffic condition in Ho Chi Minh even worse than Bangkok!
Video Recording📹

We learnt the dance moves on the spot😛😛 Like they always say, You Only Live Once! We won’t be able to do this once we get old!

Video Recording: iPhone 7
Mobile Apps: Viva Video

Enjoy the HD Clips!

Posted by Love Tan on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Camera📷 & Tripod📌 (Capturing photos ourselves all the way!)

Camera: Sony A5100 & iPhone 7 Plus
Tripod and other accessories: Magipea Tripod for Phone and Camera & Selfie Ring (for low light use at night)

How to self-capture?
Multi-functional Tripod

By connecting Sony A5100 to smartphones, setting it up appropriately on the tripod and adjusting the camera angle to the right spot, then you are free to say cheese and press the ‘capture’ button on the smartphone! Your smartphone works like a remote controller to your camera.

PM me Love Tan to get a Multi-functional TripodOr add me on wechat: yuki910824


Although we met couple of locals which appeared to try to scam us, but then we still felt really grateful It happened that when we were too excited to take photos of ourselves in Tan Dinh Church that we left out the local products that we bought there. We did not realise we had forgotten to take our stuffs with us until the day turned into night. We thought it would disappear into thin air, but what happened was, the security guard of Tan Dinh Church actually kept the stuffs and returned them to us!

Besides, in the second day morning, we got the whole hotel into a real mess😅 But the moment when we stepped into our hotel back from the journey, we were really shocked they already tidied up the whole hotel! Everything was in neat, even the hair curling iron was put in place. It helped us save a lot of time and work of packing our luggages. 👏👏

To put it in a nutshell, Vietnam is indeed not so developed though, as compared to Malaysia, we still find it worth experiencing and enjoying the Vietnamese culture as well as understanding the history behind that happened in Vietnam. Last but not least, the photo spots in Vietnam are really scenic and insta-worthy!💕💕

**Currency Rate – MYR:SGD = 3:1