Travelling in Finland isn’t as expensive as you think. This is how you could do it without costing you a fortune for a 4 days 3 nights incredible trip in Ivalo!

Ivalo is a small village in the northern Finland, not yet widely popular among tourists.

(Perfect for travellers like us who prefer less populated areas!)

We took Finnair and landed in Ivalo Airport, the northernmost airport in Finland. This small airport has limited flights and closes at 3 pm every day.

🚨 Pro Tips:

  • Rent a car!
  • Join a private Northern Lights Tour!
  • Be prepared! (Check out Tripadvisor forums and confirm your activities and bookings two months prior flying)

🔖 Flight tickets (Singapore to Ivalo):

I used interline travel discounts for my flights, thus unable to specify the exact price of the flight tickets, but do consider Finnair!

🚙 Car rental:

Green Motion: 144 EUR (= 236 SGD) (3 days)

Upon arrival at the airport, look out for the counter of Green Motion. You may reserve a car in advance and collect your keys at the counter. The staff would explain in detailed how to navigate in the continent with American/European cars.

🏠 Accommodation:

  • Hotel Kulthalippu: 210 EUR (= 344 SGD) (3 days and 2 nights for two pax)
  • Lake Inari Mobile Cabin (270 EUR/ night) (= 443 SGD)

Rather than spending 590 EUR (= 967 SGD) per night on the expensive, overrated and mainstream Igloo Hotel, I highly recommend staying in the Lake Inari Mobile Cabins.

They were custom-made by the host and in December-April evenings, the cabins would be moved to the pristine frozen Laze Inari, allowing guests to marvel at the Northern Lights and the gorgeous arctic landscape with galaxy backdrop.

Make sure you book the cabin early because only 6 mobile cabins are available!

😍 Activities:

Being laid-back travellers, we are not fond of tightly packed schedules. We planned one activity per day, just enough to withstand the harsh weather.

🌌Private Northern Lights Tour

Aurora Express by Ivalo Trek (100 EUR/pax) = 164 SGD

I strongly encourage travellers to select your own private tour package via Tripadvisor. These tours mainly organised for small groups, allowing more room for the local guide to help capturing beautiful moments of you with Aurora in panorama using full frame DSLRs!

🐕 Dog sledding

Wild Spirit Park (100 EUR/pax) = 164 SGD

Meet the owner of the Wild Spirit Park, Tinna. This kind lady has been rescuing huskies, wild boars, arctic foxes and other animals from the fur farm.

We spent two and a half hours in the Park with Tinna, she showed us around and shared how she managed to save these animals from the fur farm.

You definitely have go on a thrilling dog sledding trip with these adorable huskies!

🦌 Reindeer farm

Inari Reindeer Farm (80 EUR/ pax) = 131 SGD

Arguably the cheapest Reindeer farm in Ivalo but I felt that it is more commercialised, lacking a bit of personal touch.

(If there are only a few of you, email and ask them if you could join a foreign tour group as these tours are relatively cheaper.)

**Currency Rate – EUR: MYR: SGD = 0.61: 2.97: 1

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