I travel with my BFF basically every year. And this year, we decided that the destination would be Boracay. When we returned from the trip, I found that a lot of my friends asked me about the itinerary and expenses to Boracay and I think Boracay is a must-go place for traveller so I decided to write a very detailed travel blog for your reference. Btw, I’m sure you would fall in love with the sea view at Boracay. No fake photos.


The Kalibo airport at Boracay is very small so you can only find budget airlines to reach. So this time we chose Tigerair and departed from Singapore Changi Airport. The flight ticket excluding luggage fee costed 258 SGD. If you would like to get cheaper flight ticket, do subscribe Tigerair newsletter to get promotion alert or choose to depart from KL.


As for the hotel, I personally have high requirement when it comes to choosing hotel. So, when doing the planning, I put more budget on accommodation fee (hotel). If you do love staying in beautiful hotel like I do, feel free to refer to the hotels I selected! My BFF and I chose 3 different hotels to stay because we thought that we shall have different kinds of experience when we’re at Boracay.

We booked all the hotel from Agoda. If you like the hotels I’d stayed, feel free to click the link to take a look!

First two nights at Palassa Private Residences
The rate at Palassa Private Residences was 121 SGD per night including a breakfast and an 1-hour complimentary massage which I wasn’t aware when I booked it. The room has a balcony and you can easily get the sea view from the balcony. Plus this hotel is located at Bulabog Beach which is quite quiet at night so you can sleep very well. The beach is not tourist or crowded so it’s very nice place to take some nice photos. Not only that, the hotel is only 10-minute walking distance away from the city so it’s very convenient. Only thing bad is that the seawater at Bulabog Beach is not as clear and blue as the Station 1.

Third night at Cohiba Villa
Cohiba Villa is considered an apartment hotel and it costed us 220 SGD per night. We first decided to stay here because the swimming pool looks very lovely. But comparing to the other two hotels, the Cohiba Villa isn’t really convenient because it’s too far away from the city center and it’s located on the hill. In fact, the hotel provides a shuttle service to the city every one hour. You wouldn’t want to miss the bus!

Last night at Astoria Boracay
Astoria Boracay is the hotel we both loved the most! The rate was 183 SGD per night. And the large room consists of two king-size bed, a bathtub, as well as a beautiful swimming pool. Not only that, the white sand beach was just in front of the hotel’s entrance. The hotel also provided us complimentary buffet breakfast.


Remember that therenis no car in the island. The only transportation mean in the island are the motorbike and Tuk Tuk car. Every ride costs about 100-200 Piso. If you don’t feel like tipping them, you must carry your own belongings anytime because they may request for it if you ask them for help. My case was that my luggages were too heavy so I’ve got no choice but to give them some tips and ask them for help.

Also take note that they often offer the price high, so you always have to bargain with them for a lower price. So, always do some research online, you will know the market price when they offer you a service.


It totally depends on your attitudes towards FOOD and Water Activities because these twos contribute the most in the budget.


If you always choose to eat at the restaurant then it may cost you more than 500 Piso (= 14.3 SGD) for a meal. My BFF and I basically spent more than 1000 Piso (= 28.6 SGD) on every meal we had.

Breakfast at Palassa Private Residences

In fact, our breakfast was included by the hotel and we didn’t have enough time for lunch when we’re at the water activities, so we only spent much on dinner.

Most of the food on the island are of western food type like Pizza, Hamburger, Spaghetti and Etc. Most of the Philippines cuisine are BBQ. Don’t bother asking me whether or not the food was nice because I always have high expectations on food because I was born in MALAYSIA! All I can tell is the food was so-so.

Phillippines BBQ

Of course, different people will have different opinions. If your trip is planned to be on budget, you can get some cup noodles anywhere on the island, or have the lovely McD there. I guess the price would be much cheaper though I didn’t really go in to see the price.


Water Activities Package
Regarding the water activities, you would see the people selling their package everywhere on the streets. We basically encountered a salesman every 10 seconds.

When I was doing some research, I found that a lot people recommend Rizan so I had decided to get her package beforehand. In fact, she’s a very kind person and her price for the package is considerably reasonable. Unlike the other people that simply skyrocket the package price trying to scam the tourists. I attached her Facebook profile link below, feel free to inbox her for more information. We got a 3500 Piso (= 100 SGD) Package from her. The package included Fly Fish, Drag Parachute, Walk Undersea, and Water Jet.

The water activity I loved the most is the Drag Parachute. Enjoying the view from the sky while having the sea breeze flowing past you is indeed relaxing. While the most exciting one shall be the Fly Fish. The activity almost had my heart dropped. After the activities, we both had muscle soreness for few days. So, don’t try it if you are old.

Island Hopping, ATV tour and Zip Line
Actually, we got another package from a guy called Dong Dong too. We met him on the way to the island and he approached us to sell a 3200 Piso (= 91.5 SGD) package which we feel like it’s overpriced! In fact he’s also a kind person though.

In the Island Hopping session, you will be brought to the Crocodile Island for snorkeling. Then you continue to hop on to the Puka Beach and the Crystal Cove. In between, the tour guide will bring you to lunch. The entrance tickets and lunch are included in the package. Puka Beach is a must-go!! The sea water is the clearest and most beautiful ever. Crystal cove view is breathtaking too, it is a very nice place for photo session!


The other thing we can do on the island is massage. The 1-hour whole body massage costs only 10 SGD (= 30 MYR). My BFF and I went for massaging for 3 consecutive days. We didn’t intend to make this trip on budget so we actually spent 1000 SGD (= 3000 MYR) for the whole trip (including flight ticket and hotel). But if you intend to save more on the trip, 667 SGD (= 2000 MYR) can actually make a good trip to Boracay.


Take note that you should never finish your cash on the journey because you will have to pay 700 Piso as immigration fee when you are to take return flight from Boracay Airport. You also need to pay the transportation fee (Island – Port – Airport) when you return from Boracay.

When you have reached the airport, you will still need to take 2-hour ride to reach the port. The driver normally goes speeding so it made me car sick actually. When you reach the port, you have to take a 15-minute car to the Boracay island. In summary, if you depart in the morning, you will reach the island at dusk. Some Extra fee:

One-way Transportation fee (Airport – Port – Island) including Boat Ticket: 250 Piso
Port immigration tax: 350 Piso

Boracay is really worth going because if you compare Boracay to other islands, it’s considered a not-so-commercialized tourist spot. A place you won’t regret going!

**Currency Rate – PHP:MYR:SGD = 35:3:1

Thank ThinCHenChee for sharing her wonderful BFF trip in Boracay Island, Philippines with Leasany.