Going on a Krabi Trip on BUDGET while getting to stay in Pool Villa and enjoy chartered luxury car service as well as a private speed boat?

 Return Flight (Kuala Lumpur – Krabi): 180 MYR (= 60 SGD) by AirAsia

🏨Accommodation: 290 MYR (= 97 SGD) per pax for 4 nights

We spent our first 3 nights in KL.House Aonang. The location was great as we just needed to take a 10-minute walk to reach the Aonang Beach. Restaurants, Thai Massage Service, convenience store like Family Mart and 7-Eleven could be easily found near the hotel. The hotel manager was so kind and friendly that he offered us free towels and waterproof bags when we were about to set off to island.

KL. House Aonang. Great Location

The place we stayed in the last night was The Best Aonang Villa. By looking at its name, you shall know the villa was luxurious yet comfortable, with a private pool!

The Best Ao Nang Villa

I suggest to use AirBnb to book for accommodation as you can easily communicate with the host. You can even get a 105 MYR (= 35 SGD) discount if you sign up with this referral link!

The whole package includes:

  • Airport Shuttles x2: 500 BHT x2 (= 62 MYR x2 = 31 SGD x2)
  • Phi Phi Island Tour (Private Boat): 1290 BHT (= 160 MYR = 54 SGD)
  • Krabi Discovery Tour (Private Luxury Car): 740 BHT (= 92 MYR = 31 SGD)
  • ATV experience for 40 minutes: 500 BHT (= 62 MYR = 31 SGD)
  • Kayaking: 375 BHT (= 47 MYR = 16 SGD)
  • Total: 3005 BHT (= 375 MYR = 126 SGD)

👉Feel free to ask Joyce Boa for more information about this package.

Day 1:

Arriving at Krabi Airport in the afternoon, our airport shuttle service (a luxury car) came to pick us up to KL. House Aonang. 

After checking in, some decided to go for food discovery at the night street near Aonang Beach.As a typical Foodie, I sure had somewhere special to go for my dinner. So, The Hilltop Restaurant & Bar was where I went to.

Panoramic sunset, breathtaking views of Ao Nang and Noppharat Thara Beaches from the hill, classic Thai dishes, what else can I ask for? And guess what? They even provided me with special complimentary transfer service from my hotel!

👉🏼 Click this direct link to reserve a table in advance at The Hill Restaurant and get a free complimentary transfer service.

Day 2:

Krabi Discovery Tour & ATV

This package included a 40-minute ATV adventure as well as a tour to Jungle Hotspring, Emerald Pool and Tiger Cave Temple, which are all must-go spots in Krabi.

In the morning, we had a large bowl of porridge with egg at the stall near our hotel, which costed only 35 BHT (= 4.3 MYR = 1.4 SGD)!

After that, we got into private hired car to the Jungle Hotspring to kick start our day with a relaxing and refreshing dip in the hot spring for about an hour.

Jungle Hotspring

Next, we continued our journey to the Blue Pool and Emerald Pool, two natural beautiful pools in Krabi. The two pools are just 800 metres away from each other. Though you cannot swim in the Blue pool, it is still worth seeing because the underwater color at Blue pool is literally amazing. Of course, we were back at Emerald Pool again to soak ourselves up in this natural “hot tub jacuzzi”.

Blue pool

While soaking up at Emerald Pool

At the lunch time, we had our scrumptious lunch buffet (included in the tour package).

Then, we recommenced our journey to Tiger Cave Temple, a sacred Buddhist temple lying on a 600 meters cliff. One of the things I like about hiring a car is, we can get so comfortable jumping into the hired car and rest all the way until we reach the destination, without being bothered by taking public transport. The Tiger Cave Temple has one stairway with 1230 steps leading to the summit. Though it was a rainy day, my buddy and I still decided to take up the challenge. Guess what? We ended up getting wholly drenched, but we definitely enjoyed the moment!

After a visit to Tiger Cave Temple, we continued to the ATV Adventure, which ended up being the session I loved and enjoyed the most in the whole trip! Imagine riding an ATV to travel through the scenic and abundant flora and fauna of the rainforest in the rain, it definitely pumped our adrenaline to the max level! Absolutely one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had. There were many holes and pits on the route, so my friends and I had some epic yet fun ATV crash.

👉🏼Saithai Mountain ATV Adventure (MUST)

Address: Sai Thai, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand

The coordinator there was just too nice to offer help to everyone of us when our ATV lost power. He even gave us some discount when we purchased the photos of us riding an ATV.

After taking bath in our hotel, we were recommended by the hotel manager to have the Mookata near our hotel. After having the Thai style charcoal steamboat, we went for Thai massage before we ended the day.

Day 3:

Phi Phi Island Private Tour (Lunch included)

In the morning, after we had our cheap and convenient grab-and-go breakfast in the 7-Eleven nearby, the private tour car picked us up to the port. Upon our arrival, we got into our private boat to go for our island tour.

Private Boat

Without any objections among our buddies, we decided to go to the Phi Phi Island, the island that became famous after it featured in Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie ‘The Beach’. Do you know how beautiful Maya Bay is? I’ll give you a clue. The pictures taken in Maya Bay need no filtering and it would be good enough to post on your Instagram!

Phi Phi Island Maya Bay

Our tour went on several different islands though, the island I like the most are Poda Island and Bamboo Island. Poda Island was kind of like a private island because it was really not touristy. While I love Bamboo Island for its cozy and shady weather and its blue but clear seawater. (Good place for photo session!)

Poda Island
Bamboo Island

Around 3pm, we ended our private island tour and went back to hotel by private boat and tour car.

After we had some rest, we initially wanted to go to The Jungle Kitchen (recommended by hotel manager), but it was fully booked unfortunately. So we decided we might as well wander around at the Golden Beach for some food hunt. Eventually we came to a restaurant called The Last Fisherman to enjoy a sunset dinner beside the beach. We all did enjoy the dinner there and I personally recommend the Green Curry. Romantic sunset view and fresh seafood in the restaurant definitely made our day!

Sunset view from The Last Fisherman restaurant

After dinner, as usual, we went and looked for a massage centre with good reviews. After some bargains, we managed to enjoy 1-hour foot massage, 1-hour body oil massage and pedicure for only 550 BHT (= 68 MYR = 23 SGD).

Every place we went to was so near that it only took 10 or 15 minutes to reach. If you are too lazy to walk, you can easily hire a Tuk Tuk Car for only 30 BHT (= 3.7 MYR = 1.2 SGD) per pax.

Day 4:


In the early morning, we checked out of KL. House Aonang and stored our belongings in the reception. We quickly had our breakfast at the local Thai street stall just opposite to our hotel. The food was very cheap yet delicious and it costed both of us only 120 BHT (= 15 MYR = 5 SGD).

The tour car then gave us a lift to the Kayaking spot. I felt like having physical training while we were kayaking. But we got the triumphant feeling after a 2-hour kayaking adventure because we got to explore Krabi’s dramatic scenery without damaging the environment while passing the mangrove, canyons and caves to see the different coastal ecosystems.

Kayaking at Ao Thalene

After a soul-fulfilling experience of kayaking, we were sent back to hotel and we had a lunch nearby. Then, we were once again given a lift to The Best Aonang Villa by the host. What an easy trip without getting trouble in taking public transport!

The Best Ao Nang Villa

After a hassle-free check in at the Villa, it was kind of rainy day so we didn’t have the pool party immediately. We all had a light nap and got up at 6pm to search for food at the Krabi Town Night Market (only opens on Friday to Sunday).

The night market offered a variety of food that we had to take about 3 hours to try to finish all of them. We also got ourselves some Chang Beer from the convenience store before we returned to Villa. After all, it was the pool party time! We had a chill pool night party and we loved the jacuzzi in the Villa.

👉🏼The transfer from KL. House Aonang to The Best Ao Nang Villa was provided by the Airbnb Host and it’s totally free of charge. The host also provided us free shuttle service to any place near the Villa!

👉🏼We hired a private car to take us to the night market from the Villa and it only costed 100 BHT (= 12 MYR = 4 SGD) per person. The driver was so nice to wait for us in the night market for 3 hours.

Day 5:

Our return flight to Kuala Lumpur was to take off at 8am, so we had to depart to the airport at 5:30am. Somehow, we hadn’t seen our pre-booked cab in the Villa for half an hour until we called the driver, only then we realised we gave the wrong pick-up-point to the driver. We stayed in The Nest Aonang Villa but the driver went to another place called Aonang Villa, and they were totally different places. So, take note of this if you are going to stay in The Best Aonang Villa!

Luckily, the driver wasn’t too far away from us, so we managed to get into the cab and reach the airport on time.

So, this was how we ended our luxury Krabi Trip. We were so grateful we enjoyed a lot of VIP privileges and we only spent 1300 MYR (= 435 SGD) for the whole trip!

Advantages of getting a chartered cab & private boat:

  • Leave your belongings in the car or boat and need not worry about your belongings being stolen.
  • Have more free time because you don’t need to wait for other passenger to get on board.
  • Go to or stay at wherever you want because YOU HIRED THE CAR&BOAT.
  • Start off the Krabi Discovery Tour as early as possible to avoid crowd in the Jungle Hotspring which possibly photobombs you
  • All in all, it’s best and rather cheaper to go with Private Tour if you are to travel with your buddies!

**Currency Rate – BHT:MYR:SGD = 24:3:1

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