❄🇫🇮Finland Itinerary🇫🇮

 Day 1 – Pick up our car at the airport🦌🌲

Arriving at the Rovaniemi Airport, we headed to our AirBnB to rest after long hours of flight. It was about -15°C, we saw nothing but white snow field on our journey.

Day 2 – Santa Claus Village (Free entrance)

Photograph with the Santa Claus (An A4-size photo for € 30 = 49 SGD = 147 MYR, softcopy including all Photos and Video for € 40 = 66 SGD = 197 MYR).

Crossed the Arctic Circle and took a picture and said: “We are here at the northernmost of the world!”.

I wrote a postcard to myself – you can either choose to “send now” or “send on Christmas” so you will receive a postcard with Santa’s blessing during Christmas🌲.

Of course, there are a lot other activities that you can try.


Day 3 – Ranua Wildlife Park

After an hour of driving, we were finally at the Ranua Wildlife Park, and we couldn’t wait to see the cute polar bears 🐻.

The ground was totally frozen that we could barely feel our numb feet after 2 hours of walking. It was about -13°C and it started to snow.

Day 4 – Headed to Inari (Accident- Car flipped over- Hospital- Temporary accommodation at Apukka Resort)

Our gratitude towards the policemen🚓, ambulance🚒, medical officers🚑 and bypassers🚶 in Finland. We took a precious lesson from this accident and it would definitely be engraved deeply.

Day 5 – Headed to Glass Igloo (Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort)🏠

Breakfast and dinner included.🥣

Since we are no longer able to drive, we appointed Keyholder.fi to send us over. This company offers custom-made tour👍. Accommodation, tour, food, they will design upon your hopes and expectations!  

Apukka Resort was only left with one room when we booked 5 months ago, so we had no choice but to book another wooden room. This glass igloo was the largest expense of the trip!💰



At night🌃, we were initially so excited to join the Reindeer Aurora Tour, but then we hardly showed our excitement after seeing it. However, on the way back, we saw the dancing aurora which kept changing its colours and moving, how incredible it was! Being at the outdoor at the temperature of -26°C was definitely worth it!🎊🎉🎆

Day 6 – Check out in the morning

Seeing the frozen snown and northern light🎆, feeling the cold of Eskimos, totally an unique experience!

Expenses💶(exclusive of flight ticket):

Description Total Persons €/person
Car Rental 1,350 7 193
Food 500 6 84
Accommodation 2412 7 345
Ranua Wild Life Park
(Adult – 16, Child – 14.5)
94.5 Adult – 5
Child – 1
Adult – 16
Child – 14.5
Reindeer Aurora Tour
(Adult – 132, Child – 69)
729 Adult – 5
Child – 1
Adult – 132
Child – 69
Photograph with Santa Clause 40 6 7
Total expense (5 Adults + 1 Child) 5,126 Adult – 5
Child – 1

Table: Expense Record in Euro

💶Total expenses for each person:  € 777, approximately SGD 1,268 or RM 3,888.

During trip planing, we have booked the car rental service and the accommodation in Finland. Due to the personal issue, one of us could not travel with us and only six of us continued the journey.

PS: We didn’t really try to save every penny on food.


We cooked ourselves most of the time because it could save up a lot of money. Besides, there are only bread🍞 and cheese in Finland which we were not really used to it.🍔🥗

We had to say that it really made us miss Malaysian food so much and realise how good Malaysian food is. Remember to bring more maggi instant noodles!🍜

Apparel Tips

Clothing – must be waterproof and windbreak, it should include 2 layers of long johns/thermal wears, a down leather jacket🧥 or a waterproof and windbreak jacket. Same goes to the lower body, thermal pant is a must as lower body would feel colder.

Shoes – must be 1 or 2 sizes bigger. Do prepare 2 pairs of wool socks🧦, boots must have wool. Although it would still be very cold, these equipment, at least, still keep your body warm.

Others – Scarfs🧣, beanies and gloves🧤 are indispensable. We basically still could feel the cold even we put on 2 layers of gloves. Use warm packs appropriately though we hardly feel the heat under the temperature of -20°C.


This journey was supposed to be a road trip, but we ended up with an accident, and we realised that driving on the snow road is not easy. We experienced the most severe accident😯 in our life. Thank god we all are still alive.🙏

We initially were not really into the northern light due to the bitterly cold weather. The itinerary was planned on leisure purpose, checklists are all achieved🚗 – Santa Claus🎄, polar bears🐻 and the Northern Light.

An unforgettable trip, the chilled-to-the-bone weather could not be described by words, every scene was covered in white, and the amazing northern light! You gotta experience once in your life!

**Currency Rate – :MYR:SGD = 0.61:3:1

Thank Mayyi for sharing her road trip in Finland with Leasany.