Day 1 Kuala Lumpur – Ho Chi Minh

  • Ben Thanh Market
  • Bitexco Financial Tower
  • Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts
  • Phạm Ngũ Lão Street

Accommodation: Tripwriter Hotel (Standard Double Balcony) @ Phạm Ngũ Lão Street

Day 2 Ho Chi Minh – Mui Ne

Departed to Mui Ne by bus at 7.30am, reached at 2.00pm

  • Mui Ne Coast

Accommodation: Lotus Village Resort (Standard Pool View)

Day 3 Mui Ne

  • White Sand Dunes
  • Mui Ne Highway
  • Red Sand Dunes

Accommodation: Lotus Village Resort (Deluxe Seaside)

Day 4 Mui Ne - Ho Chi Minh City

  • Mui Ne Fish Village
  • Mui Ne Highway

Departed to Ho Chi Minh by bus at 2.30pm and reached at 8.30pm.

When we’re back at hotel and took a bath, we wandered at the Phạm Ngũ Lão Street and had our dinner.

Accommodation: Tripwriter Hotel (Deluxe Double) @ Phạm Ngũ Lão Street

Day 5 Ho Chi Minh City

  • Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica
  • Saigon Central Post Office
  • Municipal Theatre
  • Ho Chi Minh City Hall
  • Phạm Ngũ Lão Street

Accommodation: Tripwriter Hotel (Standard Double Balcony) @ Phạm Ngũ Lão Street

Day 6 Ho Chi Minh City – Kuala Lumpur

  • Tân Định Church
  • Ben Thanh Market

After we had our breakfast in our hotel, we prepared and went to the airport for flight back to Kuala Lumpur.


Day Location Hotel Type RM SGD
1 Ho Chi Minh Tripwriter Hotel Standard Double Balcony 130 43
2 Mui Ne Lotus Village Resort Standard Pool View 223 74
3 Mui Ne Lotus Village Resort Deluxe Seaside 263 88
4 Ho Chi Minh Tripwriter Hotel Standard Deluxe Double 156 52
5 Ho Chi Minh Tripwriter Hotel Standard Double Balcony 130 43
Total expense (2 Persons) 902 301

Tripwriter Hotel @ Ho Chi Minh City

We opted the Tripwriter Hotel which is a good choice for the hipsters. The hotel is far from being large but it has 7 rooms. We booked this hotel at the first sight when I surfed the Agoda. The price was really reasonable and it’s located at Phạm Ngũ Lão Street. We’re able to reach the main attraction spots on foot from the hotel. Therefore without hesitation we decided to stay there for 3 nights. We were arranged to a hotel room with a small balcony during the 2 of the 3 nights here. Most of the staffs are part time students from local university here so they are very polite and cute. The breakfast included here are different every morning, it is simple but nice.

Lotus Village Resort @ Mui Ne

After comparing several hotels on agoda, we eventually chose the Lotus Village Resort. We stayed for two nights. The first night with Standard Pool View while the second night with Deluxe Seaside. I prefer the Deluxe Seaside room because the room faced the coast which made us feel very cozy. The thing that interested me the most was the swimming pool by the seaside. It looked like the swimming pool is connected to the sea.


Ho Chi Minh City – We took the public bus from airport to the city centre on the first day and took taxi to airport on the last day. Other than that, most of the time we went everywhere on foot. In fact, the main attractions in Ho Chi Minh City are not far away from each other. Meaning you can reach every another attraction spot on foot. If you join the half-day tour or full-day tour with the tour company, they generally will provide you with transportation service.

Mui Ne - When in Mui Ne, we rented the motorbikes for two days. We enjoyed the freedom of going everywhere we wanted by riding a motorbike.

Our Transportation at Mei Ne

Ho Chi Minh <-> Mui Ne - Besides, we chose the Futa Bus for our return trip.

FUTA Bus to Mui Ne

Expenses on Transportation for Two💰

Description Expense
Flight ticket RM 588
Airport to City Centre - Bus 40k VND
Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne - Bus (Futa) 240k VND
Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh - Bus (Futa) 240k VND
Motorbike rental fee @ Mui Ne 320k VND
Petrol for motorbike @ Mui Ne 130k VND
City Centre to Airport - Taxi 150k VND

SIM Card📱

We bought the Vinaphone SIM card at the airport. We chose the unlimited data plan for one week. It costed 100k VND (= 17 MYR) for a card. We got two. You basically only need the mobile data network. If you need to call, use Whatsapp.


Vietnamese food such as the beef Pho and Vietnamese rolls are so prevalent that you can see them everywhere. Basically we almost had them everyday. I personally have bad stomach so I didn’t dare to buy the food from the street stall to avoid any food hygiene problem.

Other than that, the beer in Vietnam is even cheaper than the mineral water. We enjoy a bottle of beer or two every night.

The Vietnamese Coffee I enjoyed the most was from the Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe. Everyone must go to try, they provide different types / levels of coffee but I only tried 3 of them.

Phạm Ngũ Lão Street

Day 1

  1. Ho Chi Minh - Highlands Coffee (A coffee house chain in Vietnam)
  2. Ho Chi Minh - Pho 24 (A beef Pho chain shop)
  3. Ho Chi Minh - Go Go Bar (Sitting beside the crossroad and enjoy the beer at busy street)
  4. Ho Chi Minh - Stores beside hotel

Day 2

  1. Mui Ne - Boke Seafood
  2. Mui Ne - Dong Vui Square (Highly recommended! The best dinner place to go in Mui Ne. It may take a while to reach by motorbike though)

Day 3

  1. Mui Ne - Lotus Village Restaurant (A restaurant in the hotel. The Pho and rolls are very delicious. Still good to come and try them even if you are not staying at the hotel)
  2. Mui Ne- Dong Vui Square (Went there for two days in a row, then you know how good it is)

Day 4

  1. Mui Ne - Lotus Village Restaurant
  2. Ho Chi Minh - Lotteria (Local fast food chain store)
  3. Ho Chi Minh - Stores beside hotel
  4. Ho Chi Minh - Nob Coffee (Hardly fell asleep at midnight so I went out to looked for cafes that were still operating. Went in and had a cup of coffee)

Day 5

  1. Ho Chi Minh- Lusine Cafe – first store (Not only do they serve food and beverage, they also sell daily needs, artworks, fashion accessories and clothes.)
  2. Ho Chi Minh - Lusine Cafe – second store (Went to the first store to have coffee and went to the second one for lunch. LOL)
  3. Ho Chi Minh - Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe – first store (High recommend the Vietnamese coffee here. The environment was cozy too. If you would like to buy Vietnamese coffee bean as souvenirs, this is a good place to go!)
  4. Ho Chi Minh - Nha Hang Ngon local Vietnamese restaurant (Although many bloggers recommened this restaurant and it made me excited to try it out. But it ended up being a disappointment!)
  5. Ho Chi Minh - Mon Hue (Had supper at this restaurant)

Day 6

  1. Ho Chi Minh - Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe – second store (After visiting the Tân Định Church, we came over to another franchise of Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe to have some coffee and bought some coffee bean back to Malaysia. Recommended!)


Once again, if you would like to buy Vietnamese Coffee bean as souvenirs, don’t go to the Ben Thanh Market because they usually raise up the price when selling to the tourist. Instead, go to the Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe. Quality assured. Reasonable price.

Vietnam Coffee from Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe (Second Store)


I had seen some bloggers saying the public security is not that good in Vietnam, but, to me, it was okay because I didn’t encounter any unhappy incident. We enjoyed the 6 days here. Maybe the only thing we can complain about is the weather. Hot!

Total Expense

Description RM SGD
Flight 588 196
Accomodation 902 301
Local Transportation 160 53
Total Expense (For Two) 1650 550

The total expense per pax was around RM825 (= 275 SGD). Food and shopping wise, it depends on how you spend.

Thank Darren & Tomato for sharing their excellent photography and informative itinerary in Ho Chi Minh & Mui Ne, Vietnam with Leasany.