🍁7D6N Crazy Tokyo Couple Trip

👉RM4064 = 1353 SGD👈

Yup! We have only spent RM4064 for our 7D6N in Tokyo. The expense included Flight Fare, Food, Transportation, Accommodation, Tour, Shopping and etc. Table below summarizes our expense in Tokyo.

Description RM SGD
(1) Flight Ticket 1318 440
(2) Accommodation 1229 409
(3) Wi-Fi 50.25 17
(4) Activities
(Tokyo DisneySea +Kimono Experience)
400 134
(5) Transport
(Metro Pass & Bus Ticket to Mt. Fuji)
125 41
(6) Miscellaneous
(Food, Transportation & Shopping)
941.75 314
Total Expense 4064 1353


(1) Flight Ticket✈Singpore Airline Return Trip
(Baggages and Meal included!)

Saw the inexpensive flight tickets from cheaptickets official website and didn’t hesitate too long to buy the tickets straightaway. Spacious seat and superb services!👍

💰RM1318 = 440 SGD Per Pax

(2) Accommodation🏠

A hotel in Japan with great location usually costs more than RM700 that I don’t really feel like paying. So, we, a group of 5 travelers, decided we would book an AirBnb which is rather more economical and on budget. We only chose to stay a Hotel with Spa at the last night, which we really enjoyed.

(i) 4 Nights at AirBnB near Nishi-Shinjuku

Can easily reach the Railway station on foot in 10 minutes. The Family Mart nearby sells anything you need. Very convenient! Every time before departure, the AirBnB Host was so kind to show us the directions to our destination. Our AirBnB was only one station away from the popular Shinjuku Station👇🏻👇🏻

💰RM668 = 222 SGD Per Pax

(ii) 1 Night at AirBnB near Osaki Station

An AirBnB with fashionable interior design, and it was only 10 minutes of walking distance from the railway station 😁👇🏻👇🏻

💰RM161 = 54 SGD Per Pax

(iii) 1 Night at Wakamatsu Honten Ryokan Narita

Hotel with Japanese style Spa♨🏨
I greatly recommend this Hotel! The check-in procedure was quick and we moved our belongings to our room immediately. The hotel staffs are relatively elder so they are really nice and patient to give the best service to us!

The most important thing is the hotel even provided a Japanese Dinner Menu for us! A hotel staff even sent the dinner to our room. Wonderful service! After the heartwarming dinner, it was the spa time!

When we were back at room, our beds were all well prepared that we could really feel the professionalism of Japanese service. We had kids with us but we were not charged with extra fees and they specially delivered us the bathrobes and toiletries for kids.

The hotel also sent us to the nearest railway station with hotel van when we were about to leave Tokyo. The hotel is only one railway station away from Tokyo airport. It was really convenient.

💰RM400 = 133 SGD Per Pax

(3) Wi-Fi📶

In Japan, we used Pocket Wifi because 5 of us can have the access to the wifi at the same time while the wifi speed is excellent!

💰RM50.25 = 17 SGD Per Pax

(4) Activities

(i) Tokyo DisneySea🌋

It’s better to go Disneyland if your kids are with you.

I suggest you to buy the entrance ticket on official website in advance to avoid the long queue 😬👇🏻👇🏻

💰RM275 = 92 SGD Per Pax

⚠I personally think it’s best to buy FastPass to save the time from queuing.

(ii) Kimono👘Experience (with Japanese headpieces!)

Reserve the time slot in advance from Klook then you can dress up a Kimono like a Japanese! The venue is at the Senso-ji Temple. After putting on the Kimono then you can share your favourite photo of you with Kimono on Instagram!

Be reminded not to eat too full before you gonna wear Kimono!

💰 RM125 = 42 SGD Per Pax

(5) Transportation

(i) Metro Pass

Must buy the Tokyo Metro Pass because it allows you to take any Metro Line in Tokyo as well as the Toei Transportation. We bought the 72-hour Tokyo Metro Pass for unlimited use and it definitely helped us save a lot of money in our trip. 👇🏻👇🏻

1500¥💰RM55 = 18 SGD Per Pax

(ii) Mt. Fuji🗻Bus Ticket Return Trip

1750¥ 💰 RM70 = 23 SGD Per Pax

(6) Miscellaneous (Food & Transportation & Shopping) 🍜🚝

We had 3 regular meal plus a supper every day. Of course, how could you not drink Japanese alcohol when you are in Tokyo? We almost drank every night. And the total sum includes the transportation fees, buying souvenirs, and etc.👇🏻👇🏻

💰RM941.75 = 314 SGD Per Pax



Our afternoon flight to Tokyo touched down at around 9 p.m. We randomly had some food in restaurant near our AirBnB and then went back to recharge our tired body.🔋


Sumida Park, Senso-ji, Tokyo Skytree, Shinjuku


DisneySea Park🌋


Meiji Shrine, Meiji Shrine Outer Garden, Yoyogi Park, Harajuku, Tokyo Tower, Shinjuku


Mt.Fuji🗻, Shinjuku


The last day at Tokyo? We set off from Osaki Station to Narita Station. After spending an afternoon wandering around at Narita, we went back to Hotel to enjoy the Japanese Spa.


Bye Tokyo.

Our kid was with us in the trip so we sort of planned the itinerary a casual and leisure one so we can get to enjoy everything at its finest with enough time. Shinjuku is indeed large so one or two days in Shinjuku basically are not enough.😂


When it’s chilling weather, we put on thermal wear, knitwear, and a long coat. When wearing dresses, make sure to put on a pair of thick stockings. My stockings are in flesh colour but the wool inside keeps me warm all the time.

At temperature of 10℃ or above, we basically ditched the inner wear and just put on a thicker knitwear. I bought most of my clothings in TaoBao! Do Pm me to get the link to purchase!

📍 Shout out to S Shape for the lovely trousers. Extremely comfortable and convenient when travelling. Do Pm me Love Tan if you are interested because I’m selling🙌

The whole mechanics behind those beautiful photos from the trip 💎

(Taking our own photos all the way!)

Sony A5100,iPhone 7 Plus

Regarding to the question about the camera, do ask my BFF Vivian

Magipea Tripod for Camera & SmartPhone

How to self-capture?

By connecting Sony A5100 to smartphones, setting it up appropriately on the tripod and adjusting the camera angle to the right spot, then you are free to say cheese and press the ‘capture’ button on the smartphone! Your smartphone works like a remote controller to your camera. PM me Love Tan to get a Multi-functional Tripod

Picture🏞App for Photoshop📌



  1. The population in Tokyo is wayyyyy much denser than that of Osaka. We almost had to queue for everything everywhere and walked for more than 10km everyday. So, be ready when you come to Tokyo because it required a lot of walk!
  2. Stand on the left side of the escalator in Tokyo, like how you do in Malaysia/Singapore! It’s very crowded in the railway but the Japanese would queue up orderly and politely.
  3. There are sidewalks for pedestrian and cyclist along the road.
  4. Must watch the fireworks show at night in DisneySea so the entrance is worth the price!
  5. Most Restaurants in Tokyo have self-service kiosk service. You will need to buy yourself at the kiosk and get the ticket and use the ticket to redeem the food at the counter.
  6. Download Google Map, Japan Railway App and Mafengwo App on your smartphone. These apps easily let you guide you to your destination and recommend you great place for meal.

**Currency Rate – JPY: MYR: SGD = 76.1: 3: 1

Thank Love Tan for sharing her travel story in Tokyo, Japan.