At Jeju, breathing in the fresh air along the coastal line, discovering local food that made us crazy, eyeing on the uncountable portrait view left in the island by the God.

Day 1

Airport (Shuttle Bus🚌)➡Hotel➡Dong Mun Market

Recommended♨: Must try the snacks in Dong Mun Market. The Kurobuta Abalone Fried Rice by the first stall after Gate 8 is awesome! Worth queuing for 45 minutes!

Day 2

AJ Car Rental 🚙➡ Famous Fried Prawn Bento제주시새우리🍤➡ Hamdeok Seoubong Beach ➡ Woljeongri Beach🏖

Recommended📍: The roadside at Woljeongri Beach has some colourful wooden chairs that are facing the seaview. Feel free to take some tourist shot there😁There are also many nice food around. We went to these 3 cafes and all of them are connected so it’s easy to find. Enjoy doing nothing with the seaview there.

Recommended Lunch♨: SLSLSLOW (Kurobuta Rice/Noodles🥘 – If you love Kurobuta pork then this is the place for you. The Kimchi blends in so well with rice!)

Recommended Hi-Tea♨: The Green Cafe (Avocado Sandwich🥑🍞/Coffee☕ – Special!😍) OR Joonegane Cafe (but not opened when I was there🤦🏻‍)

Day 3

Udo Half Day Trip🛳➡Seongsan Ilchulbong [Sunrise Peak]➕Gwangchigi Beach🌅➡Seopjikoji➡Dorrell Cafe☕


  • Udo 풍원 Hallasan Fried Rice was great. The Oppa will make the fried rice while telling you the story of Udo at the same time.😆
  • At the City, the Dorrell Cafe Signature Nutty Cloud offers nice nutty cream 👍🏻 You can come here and chill out in the afternoon or at night.☕ I was here for two days!😆

If you go to Jeju but miss out on Udo, don’t say you have been to Jeju! In here, you can rent a motorbike to go around the island and visit the white beach. Remember to check the weather forecast first and avoid going on a rainy day. If it’s sunny day ahead then forget everything and go visit

💯Highly Recommended AirBnB: B&Sun Pension

The room we stayed has a window that let us have a superb view of the Sunrise Peak. This BnB is very clean and I really love the open air rooftop. You can have a barbeque or some instant noodles at the rooftop while enjoying the view.😆

B&Sun Pension

Day 4

Boromwat🌾➡Tina Cake🍰➡Vadada Beach Lounge ➡Olle Market

Recommended📍: We were enjoying our day at Vadada, lazing around while listening to the melody that blended in well with the sound of the waves. Of course we took some nice photos. At Lounge there, there is a display board that shows how the igneous volcanic rock was formed when the volcanoes erupted in Jeju Island 1.5 million years ago🌋. It feels so relaxing.🎼 After 5pm, the day turns cold.😁Food is a lil bit expensive.😂

🌾Boromwat is known as a wind playground. In fact it’s a rural setting farm. There is a road with hydrangea but the lavender made me disappointed.

Day 5

Camellia Hill🌸➡Osulloc Tea Garden+Jeju Innisfree🍃🍵SinChang Windmill Coastal Road🌊➡Jeju Fitro

Recommended📍: Camellia Hill is a great place for Hydrangea. It feels very romantic when the Hydrangea are so colourful. The Hydrangea season is between June and August. The entrance ticket costs 8000 KRW per pax, more worthy than Boromwat😂

Recommended♨: Jeju Fitro is a romantic Korean style restaurant. It makes a wonderful environment for loving couple to enjoy their meal here. The Spaghetti was nice in details. Totally worth it! The restaurant is also famous for Seafood Bouquet. Even the Korean girls love to take instagrammable shot here!

Day 6

Kitchen OZ🐶➡Nolman Seafood noodles➕Monste Cafe➕Bomnal Cafe➡Bistro TAKE 1➡Jeju HanJeungMak

Recommended📍: The Kitchen OZ is a European style home. They have a cute Golden Poodle called Dayan and it’s so cute that it welcomes the customers. I really love it here because the moment I stepped into the home I could feel like I was immersed in the dream they’re building. The home owners can speak English well. They told me about their experience on how they decided to leave Seoul and start afresh in Jeju. If you love dogs and flowers then this home is for you. The view is great during September to November when the pinkish Miscanthus blossoms!😍

In fact, I didn’t really enjoy the famous Bomnal Cafe and Monste Cafe. This is because it’s too crowded that I could not enjoy my cup of coffee and view nicely. We just took some photos then left.

⚠If you have Mysophobia then I suggest you to not go to HanJeungMak. If you insist on going then prepare your own towel and shampoo😂

Day 7

섬 마을 청년 회관 Beef/Prawn Bento🍱➡Go Home🤣

Recommended♨: The Bento is not cheap but you will get loaded with meats and it’s very delicious. It’s good to get a Bento-to-go and walk to the seaside to enjoy the food and view! It’s located near Jeju Airport. ⏰9am-3pm


Expense (per pax) KRW MYR SGD
Return AirAsia Flight (KL – Jeju) 132,800 498 166
AJ Car Rental for 6 days* 63,467 238 79
Petrol* 32,000 120 40
Entrance Ticket & Ferry Ticket:
Camellia Hill
Ferry ticket that takes passenger and car*
Accommodation 79,200 297 99
Food and Beverages** 174,933 656 219
HanJeungMak (Korean Sauna) 9,067 34 11
RoamingMan (Pocket WiFi) 11,200 42 14
Total 532,467 1,997 666

*Notes for driving a car in Jeju Island:

  • Sign up as a new member on AJ Car Rental and you will get discount.
  • We travelled in group of 2 for the above itinerary. Therefore, if you are a group of 4 then the car rental and petrol fee will be much lower.
  • If you wish to send your car across to Udo Island, you must ask the ticket counter for more information. Most bloggers said that it was not allowed since 2017 but we still managed to have our car on the ferry.

**We spent about 25,000 KRW per day on Food and Beverages.

Conversion Rate

KRW 1000 = RM3.75 = 1.2 SGD

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