Swimming together with Whale Shark in Oslob, Diving at Kawasan Falls, Gazing the night sky at Osmena Peak, Having fresh abalone at Virgin Island.

💰Conversion rate

100 peso = RM 8 = 2.5 SGD

Flight ticket (Return)

JB -> KL: RM 118 (= 40 SGD)
KL -> Cebu: RM 450 = (150 SGD)


It is recommended to use Grab / Uber in Cebu City because it’s very common there.

There’s no Grab or Uber at Virgin Island, Moalboal, Kawasan FAlls and Oslob. So I suggest you to get a chartered car or take Tuk Tuk Car. But also do some research to know the price range first to avoid being scammed.


📆Day 1

【JB – KL – Cebu Airport – Backpackers at AppleOne Equicom Tower】

Register a SIM Card at the airport. You can either choose Globe or Smart because both offer 7GB for 7 Days at price of 400 peso (= 11 SGD).

Fare from Airport to Hotel by Grab: 220 peso  (= 6 SGD) per car

📆Day 2

【Backpackers at AppleOne Equicom Tower – Cebu South bus terminal – Moalboal – Pescadores Seaview Suites – Snorkelling package – Dinner – Massage】

▪To bus terminal by Grab: 110 peso per car; Bus terminal entrance fee: 10 peso per car; Bus to Moalboal: 150 peso  per person

We missed the bus with air-cond so we had no choice but the take the bus without air-cond. If possible, arrive at the bus terminal as early as you can and choose the bus with air-cond. Otherwise you would feel hot in the bus if you are caught in traffic jam. Based on what we researched, the air-cond bus ticket costs 109-135 peso = 8 – 11 MYR per person while the bus without air-cond was supposed to be cheaper than that. Unfortunately we’re in a rush so we paid the ticket seller without second thought. Until we realized we had paid a little bit more than we’re supposed to pay. Lucky thing is that it’s just some small amount of money but just to give a piece of advice to you to be extra careful when dealing with other people.

1.30 pm Arrived at Moalboal. Rode a tricycle (300 peso for 7-seaters). Then check in at Pescadores Seaview Suites.

3 pm – 6 pm (Pescador Island + Sardine + Turtle ) snorkeling package booked with the hotel, it costed 3000 peso for 7 persons including chartered boat and snorkeling.

📍Moalboal – 沙丁鱼

Posted by JE Kee on Friday, March 16, 2018

The view with sardines was really impressive. But be extra careful with the jellyfish when snorkeling, especially those places with many turtles. You wouldn’t want to get stung by the jellyfish. If you really do, and feel painful with the scars forming, immediately inform the tour guide because they would spray a healing liquid on your wound to alleviate the pain.

📍Moalboal – 海龟

Posted by JE Kee on Friday, March 16, 2018

930 pm 1-hour massage (booked with hotel) 400 peso per person

📆Day 3

【Moalboal – Kawasan Falls Canyoneering – Lunch – Osmeña Peak – Luna Oslob Travellers Inn】

The package was arranged by the hotel, it costed 16500 peso for 7 person (including chartered car, Canyoneering, Lunch, Osmena entrance fee). I found it so worthwhile and relaxing because it included everything we needed that we didn’t have to arrange the transportation on our own. Especially the journey to the Osmena peak, it’s supposed to be a tough route that required more than 2 hours of hiking. We almost wanted to hitch the local motors to reach the peak but then we realized it’s totally impossible. Fortunately we got ourselves cozy with the package.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering (Cliff Jumping)

It is a must-go. After a 4-5 hours of hiking, we reached the top of the fall. In there, you can enjoy the waterslide or cliff Jumping while enjoying the scenic view of waterfall.

📍Kawasan Falls 其中一个滑水道~

Posted by JE Kee on Friday, March 16, 2018

There were more than 5 spots for us to jump. We enjoyed the jumping at the last cliff, which was 15 meters (about 5 storey height). The moment we jumped off the cliff was incredible. In fact, there were two tour guides who led us in the whole journey to keep us safe. They also helped us take photo and carry our baggages. We booked their tour through hotel management but if you would love to directly book the Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Tour from them, you can search them on Facebook “MCM CANYONEERING”🔍 then inbox them.

📍Kawasan Falls

Posted by JE Kee on Friday, March 16, 2018

Osmena peak

It took us about 20-30 minutes of walk to go from the foot to the peak. We initially didn’t have big expectation on this, after 5 hours of energy-draining hiking to the waterfall, until we reached the peak and realized it’s total worth it to be there. Plus we’re really in luck that the weather was nice. We’re able to see the full moon and sunset in the same sky. As amazing as a portrait of the sky. Even the local tourists were taking photo there.

As a matter of fact, before you climb up you can choose whether or not to have a guide with you. It’s about 150 peso if I’m not mistaken. In addition, you can rent a wooden rod as an assistance for hiking and it only costs 10 peso = 1.2 MYR per piece. So we actually rented a wooden rod and hired a guide. I said we’re really lucky because we got a guide that has professional photography skill and masters the iPhone camera function. Apparently every photo taken by him can become a wallpaper so every one of us had to queue for him to take photo for us. In the end we all took a photo with him together so if you really would like to have him as your guide, feel free to take his photo from me. Piece of advice: put on your jacket before hiking to the peak because otherwise the wind at the peak at dusk could easily make you shiver.

📆Day 4

【Whale shark watching at 5.30am  – Breakfast – Check out – Argao pier (lite shipping) – Tagbilaran Port – Accommodation – Alona Beach】

Whale Shark Watching

It is our main purpose in this journey. We had already booked the Whale Shark watching tour (1000 pes per person including snorkeling gear) and Tuk Tuk Car return trip to Whale Shark watching (150 peso per person) with the Luna Oslob Travellers Inn management the night before. Early morning, the Tuk Tuk car driver had already been there waiting for us but one of my friends was late for about 10 minutes. So then the driver looked very nervous and drifted the car to go to the tour. The entrance was very crowded. Before that, the research I found online said that if you’re late you could end up queuing for somewhile.

Fortunately, giving credits to the management, they were already there to collect the queuing number for us so we didn’t even have to stuck in the queue. When our numbers were called, we’re arranged to put on the life jacket as well as the snorkeling goggles then queue up to get on the board. We only got 30 minutes to dive into the sea to watch the Whale Shark.

Therefore, before snorkeling, get your mask as well as your GoPro ready. Once you get into the sea, seize every moment you had! Don’t be afraid but swim closer to watch the whale shark and take more photos. But take note that you shouldn’t apply any sunscreen or chemical substances on either you or your equipment because that would harm the ocean. Don’t you use the water to touch the whale shark too otherwise you will be fined. After we finished it was just around 7 o’clock in the morning so the driver picked us up back to the hotel for shower and breakfast.

📍Oslob Whale shark watching

Posted by JE Kee on Friday, March 16, 2018

8.30 am. We went to the bus station just beside our hotel (opposite to 7-eleven) and took bus to Argao Pier. The bus ticket costed 80 peso per person. The bus would wait for other passengers to get on-board then depart at 9.30 am. At 11.30 am we reached our destination (if you’re unsure you can always as the driver). But you still need to take some walk to reach the ticket station at the port. We opted the lite shipping (4 am & 12 am everyday). In fact that’s a cargo ship but not a ferry because there’s no ‘real’ ferry to bring passengers to Virgin Island from Oslob. The boat ticket is for 230 peso per person which is way cheaper than ferry ticket, it also charges 5 peso per person for terminal fee.

When we arrived at Tagbilaran port (Virgin Island), the hotel shuttle bus picked us up to the hotel for check-in procedures.

Alona beach was so happening everywhere. There’s a lot of tourists with many restaurants, cafes, bars as well as souvenier shops. But always be careful of your belongings because it’s a touristy spot.

📆Day 5

Virgin Island Bohol Full Day Tour

It costed 2500 peso with Chartered car (not including entrance fee and parking fee). I highly recommend Sunny Uncle because the price is very reasonable. He’s a very friendly person too so you will be satisfied with him.

Sunny LineID: sunnysunrisesunset
Email: estevanezserafin1@gmail.com

Hinagdanan Cave

It is an underground cave that formed naturally. It isn’t too big but it’s amazing inside. The entrance fee was for 50 peso per person while the parking fee costed 15 peso. We also paid 30 peso to the guide as a tour guide fee and tips. Inside the cave, you can swim in the underground water. The water was very clear but we didn’t know that so we didn’t bring the swimming suit along with us so it’s kind of shame.

📍Bohol – Hinagdanan Cave

▪Baclayon Church

Entrance fee for 50 peso per person. A normal attraction spot.

Tarsier Monkey

50 peso per person. A very small but cute animal but you can’t touch it!  

▪River Cruise Lunch

550 peso per person. The lunch was so-so but it’s a relaxing journey where we got to sit on the cruise while enjoying some music. I had to say, the Filipinos really sing very well. Everytime we saw a local singer performing on the street, it felt like we’re listening to live CD and I’m not exaggerating!

Loboc Eco Adventure Park Zipline

120 meters height, 520 meters long. I personally love Zipline because I could get the bird’s eye view of the forest from top. Very enjoying experience! 400 peso per person for return trip.

📍Bohol – Loboc Eco dventure Park Zipline

Posted by JE Kee on Friday, March 16, 2018

Manmade Forest

This is just a normal but touristy spot that tourists come to take photos. Along the road there’s a big forest on both side which was a man-made product so it looks very neat. It was built in conjunction with Philippines afforestation projects because the Philippines government wanted to maintain the ecosystem balance. Beware of the drifting cars there!


Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Drifting the ATV on the mud and rock path definitely made our day. But don’t drive the ATV too fast that you swing yourself out of the ATV. Besides, the mud water will splash your apparel so don’t you wear a white shirt there. Price: 450 peso for 30 minutes.

Chocolate Hills

Entrance fee for 50 peso per person. It required us to climb up a extremely long stairs so it’s a tiring one. But along the journey we got to catch some scenic views. The hill was named Chocolate Hills after the brownish dried grass during dry season.

📆Day 6

【Half day Tour in the sea (Dolphins watching, Balicasag, Turtle Watching and Virgin Island)】

🔹Chartered boat: 1500 peso
🔹Buffet: 500 peso per person
🔹Balicasag entrance fee + Reef shoes + snorkeling gear + small boat + watching Balicasag + Turtle watching: 800 peso per person

This journey was brought to us by Sunny. However, this boat trip wasn’t a pleasant one because of the unreliable boatman who introduced us a buffet which was totally not worth it. It’s not a buffet at all because the dishes were done when we finished our first round. We thought we had watched the turtle in Moalboal we decided not to go for turtle watching again. But somehow we’re brought to watch the turtles again and forced to pay. Other than that, apparently we overpaid the price to see the Balicasag and the turtles so we here don’t recommend you to join this tour.

When we compare the price from the website, we seemed to be scammed a little bit. So do always check the price first before you agree to a deal! The main disappointment was that we’re in bad luck that day that we couldn’t even get to catch a shadow of the dolphin. Maybe we’re not early enough.

However, Balicasag was amazingly impressive. 3000 feet of differential sea levels in a blink of eye, we managed to catch a sight of many sea creatures. Our only concern was that we did not dare to swim to the deep sea, otherwise we would’ve seen an even more amazing view, I guess. It’s easy to bump into a sea turtle in Balicasag because the seawater there is very clear. Worth it! But take note that more sea turtle means more jellyfish. Be careful!

Virgin island⭐ is the place I had longed to go for a while. It didn’t disappoint me at all. Instead, the view took my breath away.

When we reached the Virgin Island, there’s a lot of vendors trying hard to promote their jewelries and necklaces or abalone and urchin to us. I didn’t buy any of it because I’m unsure of the authenticity of those jewelries. In fact, when I was doing the research before the trip, I saw bloggers telling the travellers not to buy any products in Virgin Island. If you really want to buy it, then negotiate it hard because the vendors there want your money badly.

We took many nice photos in the island. There are plenty of food stalls in the island that sell many kinds of seafood such as abalone, urchin and sea snail. Served fresh! Also remember to try the fried bananas. You have to BARGAIN all the time. We managed to get 11 abalones for only 600 peso. Very cheap!

📆Day 7

Check out – Tagbilaran Port – Cebu Pier 1 – S Hotel & Residences – Zubuchon – Alaya Centre – Lighthouse Restaurant

  • Resort to Tagbilaran port on chartered Car for 700 peso per car
  • Ocean Jet Fast Ferry from Tagbilaran port to Cebu: 500 peso per person
  • Terminal Fee 20 peso per person (book the ticket online in advance if you’re to travel on weekends or peak season)
  • Ferry baggages fee for 900 peso (for everybody)
  • When you arrive at Cebu Pier 1, then you can use the Grab or Uber to anywhere you want!

📆Day 8

Check out – Airport – KL – JB

Airport Terminal Fee: 750 peso per person


🏠Cebu City – Backpackers at AppleOne Equicom Tower
Price: 5600 peso per night (available for 7-9 person)

You can choose to stay with all of your friends together in the same room. There’s a 7-Eleven downstairs. Very convenient.

🏠Moalboal-Pescadores Seaview Suites
Price: 2550 peso per night (Double room, breakfast included)

Recommended👍 . This is a suites along the coast. You can rent the snorkeling gear and transparent boat from the suites for free! It’s the transparent boat as you can see in the photos. Unfortunately we only stayed there for a day so we couldn’t manage some time to enjoy the facilities. Along the coast there’s a plenty of restaurants, bars, etc which are reachable by foot!

🏠Oslob Travellers Inn
Price: 1300 peso per night (Double room with shared bathroom, awesome breakfast included!)

The Inn Management helped us arrange the tour to the Whale Shark watching. They even reached the ticket counter before us to get the queue number so eventually we didn’t need to queue at the entrance. Highly recommended! A simple homestay environment. Very suitable for those young travellers who want to stay a night for the whale shark watching on the next day.

🏠VirgXX Island Resort & Spa
Price: 4000 peso per double room

We do not recommend the accommodation in Virgin Island because it’s overpriced. The facilities, services, food as well as the location are so lousy that they will spoil your mood and impression on Virgin Island. The main thing was that we even stayed there for 3 days. Never ever come to this resort. If possible, choose the accommodation near the Alona Beach because most of the restaurants are nearby. Very convenient.

🏠Cebu-S hotel & Residences
Price: 2157 peso per night (Room for four)

Friendly receptionist and comfortable environment.


I only recommend the notable one.

🍴Virgin Island- Bohol Bee farm Restaurant

This restaurant is actually in a resort. Although it’s quite far away from the center but it has everything we want. You can enjoy some Spa & Massage after having a meal there. The restaurant basically serves Organic food, which tastes very good. We had our dinner here two days in a row. I personally love the curry pasta, lagsagne. The mango shake is a must! As well as the Pizza.

🍴Cebu City- Zubuchon – Barbeque pork

The barbeque pork is very juicy. There are plenty of dishes you can choose over there too, very nice!

🍴Cebu City – Lighthouse Restaurant – local Philippines cuisine

The food is inexpensive and the environment is cozy. We ordered the fried pork knuckles, fried rice, sour and spicy soup, etc. They all tasted good! The cheezy oyster is a must!


It is a local fast food restaurant. You can see it everywhere in Philippines. Therefore it’s a must try when you travel to Philippines. There’s one Jollibee shop in the airport arrival terminal!


Flight ticket, Accommodation, Transportation, Entertainment, Souvenirs and etc: 2500 MYR (= 830 SGD) per person. Considering we didn’t travel on budget so it’s very worth the price.

Things to take note

Before reaching Cebu, prepare some small change first because you will need it when you take Uber, Grab or Tuk Tuk Car. Some small vendors don’t give small change as well. Other than that, it’s always good to bring some change because tipping is the local culture in Philippines. Therefore, you can give the small change as tipping to the boatman, chartered car driver, tuk tuk driver, tour guide, massager, performer on the street and the waiter in the restaurant. 20-200 peso will do, depends on you.


I feel that this journey wasn’t an easy one. A lot of research has to be done beforehand. Plus there’s not much detailed information about Cebu on the website. And that’s the reason I would love to share our journey tips here!

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering & Oslob Whale shark watching are perfect. Must go! 😍 If you make it to the Philippines.

For the Bohol, some bloggers greatly recommended it, some even said you can miss the whale shark watching or Kawasan Falls but you should never skip the Bohol. But in fact I personally think that you should be visiting the Bohol for 2 days 1 night at most. This is because the Bohol has become a very commercialized tourist spot. In other words, the place has been used to generate income but not to entertain the travellers! Not to mention that the transportation, food, accommodation fees are 1-2 times more expensive than that of Cebu city. Unless you’re able to find an excellent homestay, I will not recommend you to spend more than 2 days there. But I really greatly recommend you to the Virgin Island.

In fact, there are still a lot of local cuisines that we had no enough time to try in Cebu City. I should’ve spent 2 days in Cebu City!

Thank JE Kee for his detailed itinerary in Cebu, Philippines with us.