Welcome to Leasany Blogging Family

Leasany is a revolutionary concept to advocate sharing among travelers to-and-fro Singapore to rent their essential-but-costly equipment instead of owning it. Our goal is to maximize travelers’ journey through minimizing the risk of owning and the cost of traveling.

Leasany Blogging Family aims to gather the travel information from travel experts and share with all travel newbies. Leasany provides our user an one-stop service with rental of travel items and travel information.

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  • Spread happiness in a stressful studying or working environment.
  • Create a more selfless culture
  • Unite all travel experts in Singapore

Our Team



I love adventurous travel like camping and hiking. Also very interested in understanding cultures of people from different places. This is why I always travels every year.



I have been traveled to few cities in Asia and Europe. Love surfing, diving and hiking but my knee does not allow me to hike anymore. LOL.


Vivian Wee

I love to explore the world myself and enjoy talking with people. Always plan my trip within limited budget but I will still spend if I think it is worth to it.




I TRAVEL because life is SHORT and the world is HUGE.


Zhysin Tan

As a cabin crew at Emirates, I always fly at least 4 times a month. Although the stay period is short, I am still able to experience local culture. Life is short, let’s travel now.


Alice Chiang

Currently studying in Netherlands. During school holiday, I always travel around the countries in Europe. I enjoy the view with my eyes and my lens.