• For data/media transferring, we advise you to transfer it into your computer directly via the USB-C cable. Otherwise, you might accidentally damage the microSD card and lose the media.
  • When boarding a flight, you will be hand carry the set of the drone due to the batteries. However, some airlines will instruct you to hand carry the batteries and check-in your drone.
  • Please check the drone law in your destination.
  • Flying Environment:
    • When flying in sandy area, please avoid the sand from going into the drone through the ventilation at the back of the drone. The fan inside the drone may stop working if there is sand blocking the rotation of the fan.
    • If you fly near the electromagnetic sources such as power lines and base stations, the onboard compass may be affected and the drone may fly itself without control.
    • Do not fly the drone in weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog and wind speeds exceeding 10m/s. The strong wind may blow away the drone.

Please learn from the information listed below.

Introducing DJI Go 4

Linking Spark and Connecting to WiFi

Flight Basics and RC Piloting

Mobile Device Piloting

Flight Modes

Spark Functions



  1. Can a Spark be operated at a maximum speed without Spark remote control?
    • a. Yes
    • b. No
  2. True or False: The 3D sensing system is disabled in P-mode, which means the aircraft will not be able to automatically avoid obstacles on its route.
    • a. True
    • b. False
  3. What is the required minimum braking distance in windless conditions?
    • a. 55 meters
    • b. 30 meters
  4. Which mobile app can you use for your Spark?
    • a. DJI GO
    • b. DJI Mimo
  5. True or False: The aircraft’s responsiveness is significantly increased in S mode which means small stick movements on the remote controller will translate into a large travel distance of the aircraft.
    • a. True
    • b. False
  6. What does fast yellow flashing light mean with Spark?
    • a. Remote controller signal lost
    • b.IMU error
  7. What does solid red light mean with Spark?
    • a. Compass calibration required
    • b. Critical Error
  8. What does fast alternate red and yellow flashing light mean with Spark?
    • a. Compass calibration required
    • b. Critical Error
  9. What is the function of RTH?
    • a. It brings the aircraft back to the last recorded home point.
    • b. It flies at high speed.
  10. This allows you to mark and track a moving object on your mobile device’s screen.
    • a. Quickshot
    • b. Activetrack

Answers: 1. A | 2. B | 3. B | 4. A | 5. A | 6. A | 7. B | 8. A | 9. A | 10. B