How to balance the FeiyuTech A2000?

How to make time lapse with FeiyuTech A2000?

How to use the cable to control FeiyuTech A2000?


  1. What type of battery is a series compatible with?
    • a. 18650*2pcs (4pcs as standard accessories)
    • b. 19650*2pcs (4pcs as standard accessories)
  2. How long does it take to charge the battery?
    • a. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery.
    • b. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the battery.
  3. How many hours does a Series gimbal with fully charged work?
    • a. The running hour is 24 hours when a Series is fully charged.
    • b. The running hour is 10 hours when a Series is fully charged.
  4. May I turn it on directly after mounting the camera?
    • a. Yes, you can turn it on right away after mounting the camera.
    • b. Balance the camera well before turning it on. And it is very important to balance it well to get good performance, please DO NOT turn it on directly.
  5. What is a Perfect Balance Status?
    • a. The camera stays in any angles and keep it steady without holding by hand.
    • b. The camera keeps shaking in any angles.
  6. What’s the functions of trigger button?
    • a. Enter lock mode to stay in fixed direction
    • b. Reset the gimbal
    • c. All the above.
  7. Can you still take control when you start recording?
    • a. Yes
    • b. No
  8. True or False: Please mount the camera firstly, and then turn it on. If you turn it on without the camera, there will be some vibrations and will damage the motor if it lasts for a long time.
    • a. True
    • b. False
  9. True or False: Please recharge and discharge the battery every three months to keep the battery active.
    • a. True
    • b. False
  10. What does it mean if the blue light keeps flashing?
    • a. Initialization Failure/ Malfunction
    • b. Lock mode

Answers: 1. A | 2. A | 3. B | 4. B | 5. A | 6. C | 7. A | 8. A | 9. A | 10. A