Wearable Gimbal WG2 Unboxing and Comparison

Gimbal Auto-rotation Function Tutorial


  1. What does it mean when the red LED indicator flashes for three times for every 5 seconds?
    • a. It means nothing.
    • b. Low battery
  2. What app should use with WG2?
    • a. Feiyu ON
    • b. DJI Go
  3. What does it mean when the blue light keeps flashing?
    • a. Initialization failure/ Malfunction
    • b. Panning
  4. What is Panning mode?
    • a. Tilting and rolling direction are fixed, and the camera lens moves according to the hand movement of the user.
    • b. The orientation of the camera is fixed.
  5. Gesture: Quadruple tap
    • a. Initialization
    • b. Autorotation Mode
  6. Gesture: Fifth Tap
    • a.Initialization
    • b. Autorotation Mode
  7. Gesture: Single Tap
    • a. Panning Mode/ Lock Mode
    • b. Lock mode
  8. True or False: If the initialization is not successful for a long time, long press the function button to turn off the gimbal, restart it and then initialize.
    • a. True
    • b. False
  9. True or False: You can initialize your gimbal when camera is not level.
    • a. True
    • b. False
  10. True or False: When use under water, depth of water should be less than 0.5m, and time of continuous use less than 5mins.
    • a. True
    • b. False

Answers: 1. B | 2. A | 3. A | 4. A | 5. B | 6. A | 7. A | 8. A | 9. A | 10. A