In Singapore, citizens tend to get latest release products with the most advanced technology and design. In order to get rid of your old items, you can easily sell them off through the online platforms that help you to attract the potential buyers. These online platforms have wide range of product categories. Not only do the online platforms let the users to list the brand new products, it also allows users to sell off their pre-owned items.. By using the online platform, buyers and sellers are able to communicate conveniently and seal the deal as long as both parties agree.

In general, the Peer-to-Peer (P-P)/Customer-to-Customer (C-C) platforms offer free listing service for the users so they do not have any payment method through their platforms. Unlike Business-to-Customer (B-C) platforms such as Qoo10 and eBay, users have to make payment on the platform so the users will be charged the listing fee for every transaction. However, the users can actually arrange a meetup for goods collection and make the payment on the spot without paying listing fee. By doing so, there is a risk of sudden cancellation without notice from either sellers or buyers. In order to avoid this kind of incident , user verification becomes crucial.

Zero Charge

There are top 5 free platforms in Singapore that you can  sell the used/second hand item:

  1.    Carousell

Carousell is the most popular free listing platform in Singapore. Sellers can either use the  mobile app or website to list the products.

Sellers can easily snap photos from the app or upload products from the gallery to get listed. It’s so user friendly that everyone can sell anything, including used clothes, gadgets and toys with just a few clicks. Buyers who are interested with the listed items may “Chat” with the sellers for the price negotiation or straightaway “Make an Offer” with your preferred price. Buyers/sellers can “Follow” accounts that they prefer and check their accounts to get latest product updates.

  1. Facebook
  • Marketplace

FB Marketplace actually launched earlier than Carousell in 2016. However, Facebook started its beta version in USA. They only made the Facebook marketplace available in Singapore this year. With advanced technology support, it also has mobile app and website to list their products.

The good thing on FB Marketplace is that the users (buyers or sellers) do not actually need to build their reputation from zero. Everyone can view and verify the user’s profile on FB marketplace. Therefore, Users can just send message through FB messenger to chat together and finalize the deal.

  • Group

Facebook allows you to join group that you are interested in. Some FB groups allow members to list their used items for sale. Interested buyers can PM (Private message) with the owners for more information. The items normally are for urgent sale so sellers list them at lower price to sell them off immediately. Otherwise, the post will be ignored by members.

  1.    Shopee

Shopee is a more advanced online platform than Carousell because it provides more functions to the user. Its layout is similar to those platforms with listing charges/service fee/commission and it also provides inventory management, order tracking, and profit and loss management. Most of the listed items on Shopee are new product unlike Carousell.

  1.    Craigslist

The Craigslist is founded by American and has huge online database. The process of listing items is quite similar to other platforms. It does not have any chat tool and product/user review, it only reveals the contact details of sellers for interested buyers. It is quite risky if the sellers are not a registered business.

  1.    Gumtree

The Gumtree is founded in London and it offers the same services. The Gumtree website has the better layout than Craigslist and it is easier to navigate. It provides chat tool but it does not have product/user review. Moreover, it does not have filter options that can let users select the price range.

Listing Charges/Service Fee/Commission

If you have a lot of unused items of same model, you can even sell on the top 4 popular platforms with charges in Singapore. However, those platforms aim to list brand new product as the platform owner can earn from charging the user . Those platforms also provide more services like payment service and order tracking record for the users. The platforms really help users to approach more potential customers.

  1.    Qoo10

Item listing fee is absolutely free! Qoo10 only charges seller service fee depends on seller grade.

Seller Grade

Item Price

Under S$200

Over S$200 ~ Under S$500

Over S$500

Power 9% of Total Transaction Amount 8% of Total Transaction Amount 7% of Total Transaction Amount
Good 10% of Total Transaction Amount 9% of Total Transaction Amount 8% of Total Transaction Amount
Normal 12% of Total Transaction Amount 11% of Total Transaction Amount 10% of Total Transaction Amount

*Total Transaction Amount = Selling Price + Optional Fee + Shipping Fee (Discounted fee is excluded)

  1.    Lazada

There are neither fixed fees, listing fees nor hidden fees on Lazada. Lazada only charges a commission per order, based on the unit price of your product. The commission fee is calculated as follows: selling fee + payment fee.

To check Lazada commissions, please refer to your contract or you may also check the email you receive when you sign up with Lazada.

  1.    Ebay

Ebay charges two main types of selling fees: an insertion fee when you create a listing and a final value fee when your item is sold.

  1.    Amazon

Amazon charges subscription fee, per-item fees, referral fees, variable closing fees and shipping fees but it depends on the selling plans. When choosing a Selling Plan, you have to consider the products you want to list. Both Individual and Professional Sellers can list products in more than 20 categories. Another 10 categories are available only to Professional Sellers who apply for permission and meet requirements.


You can also trade your used items to businesses that accept second hand products. You will have more bargaining power and get a great deal, if you purchase new product or new service from them.

A travel rental company called Leasany is collecting back your used travel items with their credit that can be used to rent their products. The offered credit will be higher than market value of your used travel items.