The best period of time to visit Bromo is from April to November. This is because it has low precipitation and is less windy. We visited Bromo during the end of September. The night we went up to the hill was as cold as 3°C so be prepared for cold weather.
Bring along cold-proof apparels with you!

As for Bromo and Ijen, I personally think that they are not suitable for elders and kids to visit because it has a certain level of danger, especially when you’re trying to go downhill from Ijen crater. In this case, you must judge yourself.

Accommodation at Bromo

Lava View Lodge Hotel is considered the most expensive hotel in Bromo, followed by Bromo Permai Hotel, Cemara Indah Hotel, and Cafe Lava Hostel. Other than these hotels are some of the homestay. Therefore, it’s always preferred to reserve your booking as soon as you decide your trip, otherwise it’ll be too late. Like in my case, I was kind of late to book for the hotel so I ended up having very limited choices. Only hotel available was the Café Lava Hostel while all other hotels were fully booked.

Cafe Lava Hostel

Apparel & Equipment

When hiking to Bromo-Ijen, remember to wear hiking boots. Sad to say, the boots will be fully covered with dusts and ashes so I think it’s better to get a cheap pair of boots. I got my boots from SportsDirect which only costed me RM100 (= 33 SGD). Other than that, you must prepare yourself facial mask as well as gas mask. You might need to bring: Heat-tech, Jacket, Coat, Beanie, Gloves, Torchlight, Facial mask, Gas mask.

You can easily get the mask from Lazada. Of course, you can also rent a gas mask when you reach Ijen, but the price will be around the same as if you buy in Lazada. And it may have already been used by hundreds of people.

Horse Riding to the top of Mt Bromo

If you choose to reach the top of Mt Bromo by riding a horse, be sure to pay the horse groom only after the return of the trip. Otherwise you will get into trouble in coming downhill because the horse groom may leave you behind.

Milky Way

Regarding the itinerary I shared with you earlier, the Milky Way appearance timing is uncertain. So, you should always liaise with the local tour guide and arrange the timing according to the condition on the particular day. Meanwhile, you can also decide the timing you want to hike to the top. We forgot the do research on the Milky Way timing so we were unfortunate that we didn’t happen to witness the Milky Way on the first day. I recommend you guys to download Milky Way tracking application on your smartphone beforehand. One of the good Milky Way tracking apps is StarTracker Lite-Mobile SkyMap.

Camera & Accessories

My camera and accessories are:
Camera: Canon EOS 6D
Lens: Canon EF16-35mm F2.8 and Canon EF50mm F1.4
Tripod, remote shutter

Regarding the photography skill on Milky Way, I have to say that I’m not a professional photographer and this was the first time I photo the galaxy so I would suggest you to go for online tutorial to learn the skills to photo the galaxy and Milky Way. Of course, I would still share my camera pro mode setting here.

  • Camera set up on tripod, aperture at 2.8 with manual focus at infinity.
  • ISO: 3200, Shutter Speed: 15-30 seconds.
  • Adjust the ISO and shutter speed according to the live condition.
Where is my zodiacal constellation?

One thing to take note is that, when you are at top of the hill, you can see the starry sky very clearly, but it’s quite dark for you to notice the obstruction so it may take a lil bit longer for you to test out the photography. Of course, it also depends on your luck, as well as the weather.

As for phone, some phones with camera that can adjust ISO and shutter speed should be able to photograph the Milky Way once set up on tripod. Try and Google it!

Local tour

Feel free to send an email to for enquiries. You can tell them your date of travel and group number as well as other requirements. They will follow your requirements to arrange an itinerary to you with quotation. Payment method is by cash when you reach there. Pay it to the driver aka the tour guide. They don’t require you to pay deposit at all.


Everyone and everything you meet in the journey is different. It shall be a kind of experience, regardless of good or bad. Therefore, make a good adjustment of your mental, remember the important things and forget the unnecessary stuffs. Like our journey, we encountered plenty of problems. Sometimes things happen, that you can never avoid. All in all, seize every moment in the journey so you won’t regret. 

A lot of my friends asked me about the Milky Way photography. So I shared some of my opinions and skills of my photography in this article. However I would like to remind you that, don’t be upset if you couldn’t photograph the Milky Way into a good frame, because the most important thing to do is to appreciate the moment with your travel buddy and see all the stars together. Don’t be too hard to yourself to photograph the star. Because when you win something, you lose something. 

Lastly, I hope y’all enjoy the journey!

Thank Darren & Tomato for sharing the tips on Bromo-Ijen Trip