Scuba diving is one of the most dangerous activities in the world. Scuba is actually an acronym for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, which is used by a diver for breathing underwater. If the diver ascends too fast, it may cause decompression illnesses and brain or lung failures. The chance of getting attack from sharks or other underwater creatures is also possible.

However, the beauty of underwater world does not halt the passionate divers from the exploration. Tioman Island as one of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia has wonderful underwater views. Sometimes we may be able to see shark around you while diving but shark is not common creature in Malaysia, it depends on your luck.

Seeking The Company Of Sea Turtle

In Tioman island, there are few species of sea turtles and they always appear at certain dive spots. Sea turtles is one of the favorite underwater creature due to their slow maneuver and their silly looks.

To help understand the underwater world of Tioman island, there are few diving centers to offer scuba diving trips and courses for amateurs and learners respectively.

They will definitely bring you to visit these cute creatures, show you the reason why they love diving.

Other Creatures Attack Odds

Let’s look at some examples. How likely is a underwater creature attack in Malaysia? Odds are greater that one of these will happen to you first:

  • You will be executed for a crime.
  • You will die falling down in your home.
  • You will die from a dog attack.
  • You will die from a flood.

The actual death in Malaysia is mainly caused by the divers’ misbehavior and equipment fault.The actual death by underwater creature attack, that’s even rarer. You are more likely to die by shark attack while diving in USA.

Beauty of Underwater World

Getting these amazing photos from a dive coach in Tioman Island made people desired to diving. She has been doing this for more than 2 years with no problems and enjoying the interaction with underwater creatures.

Cute Nemo is hiding in its nest.

In Tioman island, she has been scuba diving at several dive spots, photo-taking skill helps capture the best moments of the underwater creatures.

Sometimes she get injured from the underwater creatures like sea urchin. But, as she has learned over & over again through her diving experience, breaking out of her comfort zone is a healthy thing to do.

Now if you didn’t already know, feeding underwater creatures is a bit controversial. Some say that it trains them to associate humans with food, affecting food chain.

These diving trips such as fun dive and diving courses pour much money into those diving centers. However, most of the diving centers actually contribute back the money into the conservation & educational projects on underwater world. Without that money, underwater world populations around the world will continue to rapidly decline. If dive operators don’t pay to help save the underwater world, who will? You? The government?

That’s wishful thinking in our opinion. It won’t happen.

The ONLY reason marine life is protected at Tioman island is because of the money flowing in from these dive trips. Diving centers teamed up with local villages to ban all fishing here. The result? A once dying reef is thriving and full of life again.