If you love discovering cultures,
If you love travel photography,
If you love experiencing a different journey,

Then DON’T you come to the North India.

Otherwise, you would helplessly fall in love into this amazing nation.

Of course, if you cannot stand with mess, foul smell, dirt, which in fact not as bad as how people think about, then you really shouldn’t go to India. Otherwise you would hate yourself going to a place you hate.

We have been eager to make our journey to India. So this occasion has helped us to fulfill our hopes. Maybe we’re the lucky ones, our journey was peaceful and wonderful. And I believe, if you have done enough research for the trip, there’s no doubt you would be able to avoid being scammed by group, going to the wrong train station or encountering some healthy problems.

14-Day Itinerary to North India

Day Places
1 New Delhi (Capital of India)
2 New Delhi (Domestic Airline to Varanasi)
3 Varanasi (Ganges)
4 Varanasi (Overnight train to Agra) – Taj Mahal
5 Agra (Overnight train to Jaipur)
6 Jaipur (Pink City Paris of India City of Palaces)
7 Jaipur
8 Jaipur (Morning train to Jodhpur)
9 Jodhpur (The Blue City)
10 Jodhpur (Morning train to Jaisalmer)
11 Jaisalmer (The Gold City)
12 Jaisalmer (Domestic airline to New Delhi)
13 New Delhi
14 New Delhi



Before my memories fade, let me share with you guys everything you should notice, as well as my transportation strategies.

In India, the domestic (city to city) transportation is mainly by train or plane.

By Plane: Domestic flight is easy to booked as long as you go to Google Flights you will get everything right.

By Train: Taking train in India nowadays has been easier than ever before. You now don’t need a registered mobile number to get an account for train ticket booking. Instead, follow these steps below!

  1. Register an account at www.irctc.co.in.
  2. After registration, download Ixigo Apps on your smartphone then register an account on the Apps as well. Then you are all set to book a train ticket. But why would I recommend this apps? This is because the apps will have the user’s real time location when travelling with train. That means if the train is delayed, you will get the information with the apps. You even can set alarm to notify you when you’re about to reach the destination!
  3. Take note! Before you book your ticket, clarify the starting point and ending point first. For example, you will easily be confused when you are to depart from Agra because there are three stations in Agra which are the Agra Junction, Agra Cant and Agra Fort. You don’t want any troubles from going to the wrong station, especially when carrying so many heavy baggages. So, make it clear before you purchase the tickets!

By Tuk Tuk Car: Within the city area, the transportation is mainly the Tuk Tuk Car. Every single city. Be sure to hop on the Tuk Tuk Car only after the price negotiation is done. And make sure your negotiation is in Rupee but not US Dollar otherwise you will be in hot soup. Another thing to take note is that when you are travelling in group of two, when the driver offers you 100 RP, you must also assure the price is for two person but not price per head. Otherwise, the driver may try to scam your money when you reach. All these precautions should be taken to avoid any misunderstandings or scams.

PS: If you don’t like to negotiate the price, you can download the OLA apps on your smartphone. The OLA apps performs like the Uber Apps we all have in Southeast Asia. But take note that you will have to get a registered mobile phone number in order to use the apps. The apps is very useful and the ride fare is very cheap!

Mobile Network & SIM Card

In India, the procedures to purchase a new SIM card at the counter are very complicated. First of all you will need to wait for very long for the SIM card to connect to the network. Second, once your SIM card is connected, you’re required to call to their customer service to make a identity verification. So, this is how it is. Therefore, what I did was ask a reliable local for good suggestion or ask him bring me to Telco shop to get more information. In the end, I managed to buy a pre-connected SIM card from a Telco shop directly. Though it’s a bit more expensive but I save myself from hassles. I got a SIM card with 28 GB for 30 days that only costed me 60 MYR (= 20 SGD). It’s better to avoid trouble whenever possible, especially in India.

Visa Application

You may go to the website to apply the visa online, it costs 50 USD per person.

Photo Album

I prefer to share my stories through my lens. Hope you enjoy the photos!

If you have been to a lot of countries but neglected India, the travelers would be astonished with you. Said an Indian friend from Singapore. At that moment I was wondering why he said so, but now I know why.

The beauty of India is a mixture of religions, perseverance, wildness and madness. As if it’s a huge stove of culture, the intersection of humanities come across to each other, making it a colorful place. The historical buildings make every travelers impressed while every matters give the best and unforgettable moments to everyone.

Be open minded to travel the India, then everywhere is a great place in India.

India is indeed more than just Taj Mahal.


The best of the memories

Everyone has his own impression and opinion on traveling to India. Some say it’s challenge for mentality. Some warn you not to go because it’s a nation of rapist. Some even say it’s the final destination for globetrotter. I say, WHY NOT to try something crazy once in our lifetime?

Last weekend I was still wandering around at the messiest street in India. Now I’m at my sweet home sharing my experience and photos. Time really flies.

Recalling the journey to India, I only got the best of the memories.
If you ask me, is it dangerous? I’m gonna tell you there’s risk everywhere in the world.
If you ask me, isn’t India a messy and dirty nation? I would say, if you don’t have an open mind to accept the good or bad of a place, then you will not be happy wherever you go.
If you ask me whether or not I would go back again. The answer is YES, and I will even ask you back, “Would you like to join me?”.

Thank Alston Lim for sharing his crazy and adventurous India trip with us.