I finally finished the whole itinerary and edited all the photos. Thank you for being patience!This itinerary covers the 10-day trip in Mykonos, Santorini, Athens and Meteora, it costed only RM7600 (= 2560 SGD).

Why I chose Greece?

Many people asked me why I chose to go Greece. Actually the initial plan is to another country but my boyfriend could only get annual leave from his company during this period in June. Everywhere is in Summer or rain season or off season. I personally do not like to go travelling in off season because it feels like wasting time and money. Therefore, I could do nothing but to search for the best vacation in June. We noticed the Aegean Sea & Greece as well as Turkey. At first we would lean towards Turkey, however we found that the flight ticket to Turkey keep raising. The flight ticket to Greece, on the other hand, was dropping. So… Our dream to Greece came early.

Did I plan my itinerary myself?

This trip has gone better than we could imagine. Due to the fact that very less friends of mine have been to this country, I could only plan the whole trip by myself and collect all information from travel bloggers. Getting the train ticket, entrance ticket, boat ticket, bus ticket, car renting all by myself, I felt kind of stress when I planned the trip because I worried I would mistakenly book anything. Previously I even heard that the Greece people may go on strike so the ticket purchased may not count. If I were to purchase the ticket on the spot I was afraid the ticket would be sold out and it might delay my itinerary. However, the whole trip rundown was so smooth that everything went perfect. We didn’t encounter any worker on strike. We didn’t need to print the ticket out. Just need to show them the e-tickets on the smartphone, it was quite convenient. Moreover, this trip didn’t exceed my budget. We spent RM 7600 (= 2560 SGD) for ten days trip to Greece and we still have some money left.

Regarding to the following questions, you may visit Few things to know if traveling to Greece in June:

  • Weather in Greece in June
  • Time difference in Greece in June
  • Car renting or Motorcycle renting – Need International driving license?
  • Tax Refund for Scoot passenger

10-day trip to Mykonos – Santorini – Athens – Meteora

Day 1 :17-6-2018

Singapore — Athens — Mykonos

In order to save time, we chose Scoot Airline for direct flight to Athens. From Singapore to Athens, only the Scoot Airline is available for direct flight. It takes 11 hours flight from Singapore to Athens. We took the flight at 2:35 am and touched down at Athens at 8:35am. Laying over in the airport then flew to Mykonos at 3:00pm. It only took us 1 hour of flight. We reached Mykonos island at about 4pm. We requested for an airport shuttle from the hotel because we were loaded with baggages.

After checking in and resting for a lil bit, we took the public bus from hotel to Mykonos town and strolled around. Had a dinner in the town. Due to the fact that the day got dark very late, we missed the last bus so we could only take taxi back to hotel.

  • Breakfast at Mcdonald: €17.25
  • Snacks at Airport: €13.35
  • Dinner – Paraportiani Tavern: €60  (large portion)
  • SIM Cards: €60

Day 2:18-6-2018

Windmills of Kato Mili — St. Nikolas Church — Mykonos Alley — Little Venice

We learnt something from the previous day. So we looked through the bus schedule before we departed. We took the public bus to Mykonos town once again. All the attraction spots in Mykonos are at the centre. We barely walked from one attraction spot to another. It saved money and we managed to see the views. Relaxing!

  • Lunch – Souvlaki Story: €34.50 (recommended! Nice and cheap)
  • Gelato – Trio Bambini: €5.90
  • Drinks and beers in hotel: €25.74
  • Dinner – Snack Bar: €20.10 (recommended! Nice and cheap)

Day 3:19-6-2018

Mykonos — Santorini (Fira)

Mykonos itself has plenty of ports, some are new and some are old ones. We checked out of the hotel at 11am and requested for a lift to Mykonos Port so as to take a boat to Santorini Thira Port. We chose the Golden Star Ferries to Santorini. It took us 5 hours to reach. If it takes too long for you, you may consider taking Seajets Ferries. Only 3 hours but the price is about 1.5 times higher. The seat in ferry is random so you can pick your own seat for your comfort. We managed to lie down and sleep. Food is also available. It was very convenient.

After reaching Santorini, the car rental was ready for us at the port. After going through some formalities, we got our car. It means our road trip just started! One thing to take note! We think the road from port to the city is the most dangerous one because the cliff is just beside the road. Please be 100% careful when driving there. Luckily my partner managed to master the skill of driving in the opposite side real quick.

We checked in the hotel and then drove to Fira town. We had a decent dinner at The Greek and shopped around the place while enjoying the night view. The nigh view was amazing.

  • Lunch – Bread at the ferry: €20.40
  • Dinner -The Greek: €66 (recommended! Nice pasta)
  • Drinks in hotel: €15.30

Day 4:20-6-2018

Winery Wine Museum — Perissa Black Beach — Pirgos town — Akrotiri Lighthouse — Red Beach — Fira town

We spent this whole day at the northern part of the island. It’s considered difficult to reach the attraction there if you do not rent a car. The best thing you can have in road trip is the view along the drive. We stopped our car and took photos every time we saw a nice view for photos. Sometimes we even could get the view of the volcanos. Sometimes seaview and sometimes the structural building around the island. I sincerely recommend you to not spend too much on accommodation. Rather, rent a car and drive around the island. It’s more worth it.

We first visited the Winery Wine Museum. Take note that there are many wine museums in Santorini Island, but there is only one that is underground. The €10 entrance ticket allows you for 4 wine tasting while €20 entrance ticket allows you to taste 8 different wine. We chose the former one. Of course, if you like wine, you should try the latter! We don’t really love red wine but after tasting their red wine, we really fell in love. We got ourselves few bottles of red wine at the end. I really think it’s worth to go.

After that, we drove to the Perissa Black Sand Beach. The beach was wholly black. Other than this, we found that we’re really near to the volcano crater. It’s unbelievable!

Then, we went to the Pirgos town. Not only you can find blue church at Fira and Oia, you can also find it in the Pirgos. One thing better is that you don’t need to queue for the photos here in Pirgos. I personally found the hidden beauty in the Pirgos. Follow the direction board and hike to the top of the town, look down, enjoy the amazing view of the little town formed by every snowy white houses along with the sea and the sky. Freaking amazing!

Afterwards, we drove to the northernmost Akrotiri lighthouse. Beside the one and only lighthouse, it’s cliff otherwise. Be careful of yourself. When I climbed up to the lighthouse, I felt like I can touch the sky with my hand while the whole ocean was just underneath. No obstructions in front of the beautiful views. Eventually, we went to the Red Sand Beach. Not only is the sand in red, but the rocks also looked red. Incredible!

  • Entrance fee to Winery Wine Museum: €30
  • Lunch at Café Ouzeri in Pyros town:€29 (The cafe is run by a local elderly couple, it provides good food and nice coffee. It is located right below the blue church)
  • Snack: €13.60
  • Dinner – Daphne: €30.80 (Cheap food)

Day 5:21-6-2018

Fira Old Port — Oia

After checking out of hotel in Fira, we drove to Fira town. The old port is just underneath the Fira town. You can either walk by foot, ride a donkey or take a cable car down. We chose to ride a cable car, then hop on the donkey. It was a wonderful experience! When riding on the cable car, it was quite fast and oblique, we felt like we were falling down to the ocean. Donkey riding is the traditional transportation in Greece, it is worth experiencing. The cable car and horse riding cost the same, it is 6 euros per pax.

After that, we strolled around the shoplets in the town and bought some souvenirs. Then we departed to the wonderful Oia. After some rest in the hotel in Oia, we walked to the Oia town at dawn to search for the blue church and enjoyed the sunset. Unfortunately, this hour was the most crowded hour around the blue church because everybody was taking photos around the church. In other words, you can only take photos of humans instead of the church! So, we gave up taking photos and decided we would come again for photo at the next day noon! After this, we walked to the edge where people stayed to enjoy the sunset view. We were, once again, too late so we couldn’t sneeze into the crowd for the amazing sunset view. This is because most tourists were already there before us! So we decided to leave and come again the next day, before everybody else does! We had a dinner around and went back to hotel.

  • Cable car to Old Port: €18
  • Donkey riding: €18
  • Photos with donkey: €10 (one photo costs €4, we negotiated and got 3 photos for €10!)
  • Dinner – Mes Amis: €36.50 (The best expresso, delicious food. Recommended)

Day 6:22-6-2018


On this day, we left the hotel at noon. Immediately after leaving hotel, we went to take photos with the blue church. As predicted, nobody was there under the sun. We seized the photo session until we’re satisfied with the photos! After that, we went to Lotza restaurant for lunch. Nice view over there with blue church and Aegean sea just in front of us! At the edge of Oia there were windmills. But the ones in Mykonos were more impressive. We went there and took some nice photos.

Strolling around the town, it’s really easy to find a photogenic spot around. When we’re tired, we randomly sneaked into cafe to take a coffee break. Relaxing! At around 5pm we went to the sunset viewpoint and looked for spot. The sun set at 8:30pm and we were 4 hours ahead because we didn’t want to miss it again! It was sunny but the wind was strong so we didn’t feel any heat stress. As the sunset was approaching, it became more crowded. The whole alley and lookout point became more packed. As we saw the sun set below the sea horizon, it was too amazing that every tourist clapped. Such an unforgettable experience. If you plan to go to Santorini, you must hope to not miss out on this scene! Afterwards we had dinner and went back to rest.

  • Lunch – Lotza Restaurant with view of blue church and Aegean Sea: €56 (average food but superb view!)
  • Snack – Santo Dynamic: €15 (Good french fries)
  • Dinner – Skala Restaurant: €60  (We found this is the best meal we had in the whole trip)

Day 7:23-6-2018

Amoudi Bay — Fira — Santorini Airport

At 11am, we checked out of hotel and drove to Amoudi Bay. In fact, the distance is walkable but you will need to go all the way down from top. Amoudi Bay is a tiny bay but the view is amazing and the seawater is clean. We strolled around and found a restaurant with sea view and enjoyed our brunch. After that, we departed from the Southernmost and drove in North direction. Along the way, do not miss any view!

Again, we were back to Fira town. I feel that Fira town is a great place for shopaholics. You can find souvenir here easily. The souvenirs are cheaper in Fira town. Besides, Fira town has more choices of snack stall and restaurant. You can even find Asian restaurant here. When we were lazing around, we found a Fila store in Fira town then realized the Greece only has a Fila store at Fira. So if you are a Fila fan you wouldn’t want to miss this. We bought couple of Fila stuffs here. But you can’t do the airport tax refund from Fila store.

After shopping in the town, we took away some snacks and then headed to the airport for our flight back to Athens. Goodbye Santorini! We will meet again next time. Our flight was at 7:30pm and estimated arrival time was 8:30pm. After landing on Athens airport, we took Metro (€10) to reach our AirBnB. Had dinner and went back to rest.

  • Brunch – Ammoudi Fish Restaurant: €82.30 (nice food but expensive, great view from restaurant)
  • Local pastry shop: €15.60
  • Dinner – Giavviwuko (Gyros & Kebab): €17.70

Day 8:24-6-2018

Athens Railway — Kalambaka (Meteora)

This few days the itinerary was kind of packed because we added Meteora into our plan. Travel bloggers said that we should never miss the Meteora if we come to Greece. Of course, we will not want to miss it! We booked the train ticket, bus ticket and accommodation through online.

From Athens to Meteora, you can either take bus or train. However there is only one train a day that allows you to take return trip. The departure from Athens and the arrival at Kalambaka at 8:30am and 1:30pm respectively. For the return, the train departs at 5:30pm and arrived at 10:30pm. If you are taking the bus, it will take you around 6 hours and so it’s difficult to finish the trip in one day. Therefore, we decided to take the train and stay a night in Meteora then take the earliest bus the next morning back to Athens. We put our belongings in our AirBnB in Athens then carried our backpack to travel to Meteora. In this way, we saved time and avoided some hassles. It is recommended to carry a small suitcase or backpack due to the small space of the train cabin.

After 5 hours of train, we reached the Meteora train station – Kalambaka, which is the last station of the train. Once we got out of the train, we were impressed by the Meteora right in front of us. Everyone was in ‘OMG’ mood. Afterwards, we looked for our AirBnB and kept our luggage then headed out to rent a motorbike. We rented a motorbike (€20) and a electronic bicycle (€15) because one of my friends did not have motorbike driving license. In fact, the electronic bicycle has high horsepower so you don’t have to worry about it. We travelled around the hill for more than 5 hours so it’s better if you rent it for 24 hours, just add few bucks will do.

After renting our vehicles, it rained unfortunately. We then at the foot of the hill had our lunch at a local restaurant. The rain almost ruined our mood. However, after our lunch we still insisted on going uphill. In fact it’s quite dangerous. Next time I would rather rent a car! Luckily, the rain stopped immediately after we reached the first monastery. We felt some sunlight, but it was still cold. Temperature at around 18 degree. Thank God!

The Meteora is well-known for its monastery being built on the huge boulder. There are 6 monasteries in total but until now we still haven’t figured out how they built them on the hill! Impressive. If you have extra time, you can visit every monastery. Their opening time are different but you can always check with Google. Due to time constraint, we only managed to take photos outside. We stopped our vehicles at roadside and took photos at every corner. As the day got darker, we began to return home. Had a great dinner to sum up our wonderful day.

  • Drink on the train: €7.70
  • Lunch – All Time at the foot of the Meteora hill: €44.50 (nice food with free desserts)
  • Dinner – Food Factory (Kebab):€25.40 (Best Kebab in the town!)

Day 9:25-6-2018

Meteora — Athens — Acropolis of Athens — Syntagma

We took the earliest bus at 5:45am back to Athens and it reached at around 11:30am. However, there was no direct bus. In other words we had to transit. At 5:45am, we took the bus from Kalambaka to Trikala Bus Interchange for about an hour then took another bus to Athens. At 11:30am we reached Athens and took a cab to our AirBnB to keep our baggage. After that, we went out right away to travel and shopping in the city for about 5 hours. Then we took another cab back to our Airbnb.

At around 7pm we bought a 90-minute metro ticket which costed €1.40 to reach the well-known Acropolis of Athens and Syntagma Square. The initial plan was to visit the Acropolis but we reached the entrance at 7:30pm and was told it would close at 8:00pm and the entrance ticket was for €20 per pax. So in the end we just took some photo for some memories. We did enter the Syntagma Square and just in time we were able to witness the changing of guard. Cute! Afterwards, we were back to AirBnB and looked around for dinner.

  • Lunch – It was shopping time. No time for lunch so I just got some breads!: €11.70
  • Dinner – A restaurant near AirBnB: €34.70 (not bad)

Day 10:26-6-2018

Our flight was at 11:30am so we took a cab from AirBnB to airport at 6:15am. The cab fare was about 35 euro for three person. If we took the Metro it would cost 10 euro per pax. So we might as well take the cab to the airport. A smarter choice! No need to carry the luggage. At around 7am, we reached the airport. After checking in, we handled the airport tax refund with the counter then got prepared to go onboard. It was lucky that the Scoot Airlines was celebrating their anniversary so we managed to enjoy the free buffet!

  • Total (Meals and etc):€895.00 / 3 = €298.40 = RM 1408.20 per pax


Currency rate: €1 = $1.60 = RM4.72

Expense (per pax) Euro MYR SGD
Transportation 919.14 4338.32 1470.50
Accommodation 230.78 1089.30 369.25
Food and etc 298.40 1408.20 477.44
Total 1598.32 7543.82 2557.19

The total expenses includes everything (Transportation, Food, Snack, Accommodation, Ticket and Souvenirs).

Transportation (Per pax)


Transportation (per pax) Euro MYR SGD
Flight ticket
Return trip (Singapore – Athens)  – Scoot Airline*
One-way trip (Athens – Mykonos) – Volatea Airline**
One-way trip (Santorini – Athens) – Sky Express***
Ferry ticket (Mykonos – Santorini) Golden Star 41.97 198.10 67.15
Train ticket (Athens – Meteora) 14.94 70.50 23.90
Bus ticket (Meteora – Athens) 24.28 114.60 38.85
Metro (Airport – Athens city area [90 mins]) 11.40 53.80 18.24
Taxi (Mykonos & Athens) 23.00 108.56 36.80
Rental of Car and Motorbike
Car: Santorini (5 days 4 nights)
Motorbike: Meteora (5 hours)
Hotel Shuttle Bus@Mykonos (airport-hotel, hotel-port) 10.00 47.20 16.00
Local bus at Mykonos 3.60 17.00 5.76
Total 919.14 4338.32 1470.50

*Scoot Airline includes 25kg baggage sharing, seat selection, insurance, flight meals
**Volatea Airline includes 20kg baggage sharing, insurance
***Sky Express includes 20kg baggage sharing, insurance

Accommodation (Paid in MYR)

At first we didn’t want to spend so much on accommodation. We planned to only book 2 nights of luxury hotel so as to enjoy the facilities like private swimming pool. However, after reading some comments from blogger, a hotel that costs around RM1000 may not have better review then the economical ones. We worried that we would pay for an expensive stay but encounter bad service. Therefore, in the end, we decided to save more money on the hotel and spend the money to rent a car so as to be able to visit those attractions that are far away. We didn’t want to miss out on any attractions. Until we were here, we found that  even the economical hotels would have the sea view balcony with swimming pool. Therefore, if you are to travel on budget, I suggest you to choose the economical hotel and record every beauty you encounter.

City Hotel Name Night MYR SGD
Mykonos Sun of Mykonos Studios 2 728.34 247
Santorini-Fira Anatoli Hotel 2 1002.15 340
Santorini-Oia Pension The Flower 2 790.64 268
Athens Blue Aegean (Airbnb) 3 535.59 182
Kalambaka Vicky’s cosy and close (Airbnb) 1 211.20 72
Total (for three persons) 10 3267.92 1108
Total (per pax) 10 1089.30 369
  1. Mykonos — Sun of Mykonos Studios (2 nights): RM 728.34

The design of the Sun of Mykonos Studios is very magical, like the castle in fairy tale. The only bad side is that it is not located near Mykonos town (about 10 minutes drive away). You can only take local bus to reach because there’s no cab for you to hop on. The bus comes every one hour. However, you can follow the bus schedule because it’s accurate. If you rent a car, then this is no problem.

  1. Santorini-Fira — Anatoli Hotel (2 nights, breakfast included): RM 1002.15

The design of Anatoli Hotel is of Greece traditional style. The reception and restaurant are both made of boulder. Stepping out of the room, you get to see the sea view. In the morning, English style breakfast is served with Greece melody. The hotel staff is very friendly. Other than that, this hotel is located within the city so it only takes not more than 10 minutes to the city centre. Very convenient. Highly recommended!

  1. Santorini-Oia — Pension The Flower (2 nights): RM790.64

Pension The Flower is a newly open budget hotel. Sea view is also available in the hotel. The yard is a grape garden. The hotel staff is very friendly as well. It takes not more than 10 minutes to reach Oia town. Very convenient. Highly recommended!

  1. Athens-Airbnb — Blue Aegean (3 nights): RM535.59

This AirBnB is located near Metro and bus station. The interior design follows the Aegean sea theme. The room was spacious and beautiful. The only thing bad is that the toilet and bathroom are separated. The bathroom is within the room but the toilet is out of room. Quite inconvenient for me.

  1. Kalambaka-Airbnb — Vicky’s cosy and close (1 night): RM211.20

This AirBnb is also located near the Metro and bus station. There are also many restaurants and cafes around. Spacious and clean room. Can cook at the room. Highly Recommended!


Although travelling to Thailand or Taiwan costs much cheaper, it will trigger me to buy more stuffs. In the end it will cost much more. Therefore, I would rather have the money to travel to Greece. As you can see, travelling to Europe (Greece) is not as expensive as you could imagine. I proved that it is possible to travel to Europe with budget less than RM 10k. Save the money and go travel now!

Thank Nyew Hooi Ting for sharing her itinerary in Greece.