We as travellers all expect to have a fun and fulfilling travel experience, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances may cause possible delay and have a negative impact on our planned journey. Travel insurance agents are a good option to turn to during unfortunate events, but their response may not be timely due to time zone differences or internet connectivity issues. Thus, it is very important for travellers to take note of local emergency contact information, which are listed down below:

1. Embassy

Embassies are able to provide you with consular assistance when you are in trouble in the travelling country. Miscommunication, medical assistance, and privileged arrangement (depending on seriousness of the situation) will be solved and provided by the embassy. In short, the embassy protects their citizen from unfair treatment of local, and even governmental organisations.

2. Police Station

If you experience theft, robbery, sexual harassment or other criminal activities, the easiest and best way is to seek assistance from the local police. Some hotels ignore complaints on these matters, therefore you can look for either the embassy or the local police to solve the issue.

3. Hospital

Health situations are always unpredictable, therefore being timely on medical assistance is critical while you are on the go. Delay on medical treatment may result in serious infection or even loss of lives.

If you are lazy to search for all the contacts, Leasany strongly advises you to note down the contact information of the embassy. You may also refer to Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information. Please read trip planning in order not to miss out some key tips on your self planning trip.

Below are some advices and tips on going on an overseas trip as recommended by the Singapore government:

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