You might hear about workaway, but have you experienced before? It was same to me before my India trip. If you do not know what workaway is, please refer to accommodation. Basically, it is to exchange a free stay by contributing to those local hosts.

My workaway experience was brought by Zhiyong, my travel-mate who have done it more than 3 times. I did not know anything about workaway so Zhiyong helped me to contact and arrange the accommodation and even plan the whole India trip. During our India trip, we have successfully contacted two local hosts in Batuli and Jaisalmer for 8 days and 14 days respectively.

My first workaway duty was to take care of a farm at the mountain and we still need to pay for the stay and food. Normally it is free but this time the farm is non-profitable so we have to compensate few dollars for them.

I was quite surprised when we reached there, the house is located in the mountain with no neighbourhood. Felt like I gonna stay in jungle for 8 days. And you know what? There is no wifi in the house and the host just informed us that he would not be able to present during our stay. But at least the host sent a man called Prim Singh to take care of us. Our daily duty was to remove the grass surrounding the mango trees in the morning and afternoon.

Sometimes we would visit the small village where the bus terminal, clinic, school and shops are located. We tried to understand their life through our own observation due to language issue. Prim Singh is a vegetarian and we had enough with veggie and bean, so we went to have lunch at the village. That was our first time and also last time to eat at the small village. You know why? The worker from the neighbor restaurant went out to the street, and squat down to wash their tableware with the water in longkang (which literally means ‘drain’)! Understand that water is from mountain, but it is still …… so it became our last time to have food at the village.

My first workaway experience was quite disappointed due to the absence of host. We could not communicate and exchange the perspective with the locals. Therefore, we decided to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal at Agra for 4 days.

Fortunately, Zhiyong was together with me so I realised that it was so important to have a good travel-mate like him. Stay tuned for the following workaway experience at Jaisalmer where we worked for a company of camel safari.