Every airline has different promotion period . Most of the time, the promotion is always for passengers traveling during non-peak period that usually does not fall on public and school holidays. However, it is quite tiring and time wasting to keep track on the promotion by going onto the airlines official website individually. Therefore, what is the best way to search for cheap flight ticket?

No worries, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting yourself a cheap flight ticket:

  1.       Check of the freelancers in the market

There are some freelancers on Facebook that provide information on flight promotion, and at the same time, can do the booking on behalf of you simply by charging a few dollars from you as service fee.

  1.       Flight search and price comparison website

There are two popular flight searching engines and price comparison websites – Skyscanner and Cheapflights.com, which help travellers to save time by comparing all the flight ticket prices at once. You can easily select the flight by applying the filter function on the website based on your preferences, such as lowest fare, shortest traveling time, or even both. In general, most travellers prefer to book flights through official website of airlines due to loyalty and satisfaction on pricing and service. But as a matter of fact, it’s no harm to make your flight booking on skyscanner or cheapflights if they both offer better price than official website.

  1.       Travel agency

Travel agency offers tour packages that include flight ticket, accommodation and so on. Tour package, sometimes, is cheaper than the separate bookings directly with the service provider. On top of that, purchasing travel package in group  can also lower down the booking cost by negotiation. By becoming loyal customers or signing up membership with travel agency, you can also enjoy more discount for the next trip.

Are flight tickets cheaper when booking through online website? The answer is ‘Not necessarily’. For example, Apple Store charges higher rate to customers by offering clearer information and quicker response, the offered higher service rate is to reduce the traffic of direct customers. Therefore, flight tickets might be cheaper if booking is made through some travel agencies as airlines reserve certain number of tickets for them by collaboration or partnership.


You have to decide the travel dates as soon as possible because  the best travel period is always more expensive. Sometimes the flight ticket price will be increased once there are many travellers searching. Some websites use cookie to track the customers and give different rates to new and returning visitors. Therefore, you may try to change your window to incognito for searching your flight.