There are many types of travellers, they can be categorized in terms of sport, nature and art. Adventure is more to sport and nature, it is challenging and requires courage. Adventure is normally close to nature as city life makes people bored.

Hiking is one of the adventures….
Below is the item list for you to prepare. You may to buy them yourself, borrow from them from a friend or rent from external party. You may read ‘why you should rent the item’.


Backpack is a compulsory item for all hikers. If the type of backpack is not suitable for the hikers, it may easily hurt their bodies. There is a waterproof cover which protects your items from water.

Waterproof Bag
waterproof bag_324x160

After reaching the camping spot, we unload everything and carry valuable items in a waterproof bag before proceeding to a mountain peak, waterfall or pool.


Today, photography tools become a travel essential. Please read Photography Tools.

Cooking kits
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Cooking kits helps hikers to cook their meals outdoor. It is also used to boil the water for drinking.


Sleeping helps you to recover energy to complete your agenda for the next day. If you bring a hammock, you will not need to bring the heavy tent. However, tent is always carried by the stronger guys so girls do not need to warry about that. Girls may just bring a sleeping bag.


In order to avoid sunburns, you may just choose to set up your tent below the big tree. Now, Leasany provides different types of tents.

Sleeping Bag/Sleeping Pad
Girl in a sleeping bag sitting near the tent and was holding the Cup.

Sleeping bag is portable to everywhere and it has different temperature ratings to tackle the coldness. It is better than sleeping pad as it acts like a blanket and a sleeping pad so you can sleep comfortably.

Inflatable sleeping bag
inflatable sleeping bag_324x160

Inflatable sleeping bag is considered as a new design for items used for leisure. This design provides convenience and comfort for travellers. Leasany strongly recommends that you experience it if you have not tried it before. Now, you can just rent an inflatable sleeping bag from Leasany.

Hiking Shoes
hiking shoes_324x160

Improper shoes for the terrain may easily cause ankle sprains or other injuries when hiking. Please ensure that you are wearing proper shoes suitable for hiking.

Hiking poles
hiking pole_324x160

In the case of slippery terrains, hiking poles help you to maintain your footing.


Hydration helps to release the tiredness and body needs the water to cool down the body. It is troublesome to drink with bottle so hydration kits ease the job.

First Aid Kits
first aid kits_324x160

First Aid Kits are crucial for safety issues. Accident is always unpredictable and it is better to have first aid kits for emergencies.


Raincoats are cheap and convenient to shelter yourself from the rain.


Sunblock is a must-bring item for girls participating in outdoor activities. However, Leasany does not recommend sunblocks to be applied. You may read up on do you think sunblock is important.

Insect repellent
Insect repellent_324x160

In countryside, insects like ants and mosquitoes are everywhere. This recommendation is for you to have a nice sleep.

Knee Guard
knee guard_324x160

To protect the knees, you are recommended to wear a knee guard. It is a terrible and painful experience without wearing the knee guard.


During night/dawn, having vision makes everyone feel secured and know their surroundings. Hiking before dawn is common as hikers can enjoy the dawn view at the peak at the end of the hike.

Solar Power Bank
solar power bank_324x160

Solar power bank helps to charge the electronics device with the solar energy from sun.


To view the landscape in far distance, monocular helps to solve the problem.

poker games_324x160

Poker cards and board games kill the boredom at night. However, it may not be suitable to have card games due to low brightness. Hikers can still prepare phone games or just chit-chat at night.