Many of us are wondering how to choose the best travel dates for an annual trip. Our team has summarized the criteria for you if you have no idea on what they are:

  1.       Public Holiday

Holiday gives people a chance to escape from the bustle and hustle of life. Everyone can go for a short getaway with family and friends.

You may refer to the following articles:

  1.       Festival

All countries have their own cultural festival, travelers are strongly recommended to travel during the festival period to experience the local culture and atmosphere. Festival helps foreigner to understand local history easily through spiritual and physical experience.

From the table below, it shows the most popular and significant festival for travelers:

Festival Country Period
Start End
Songkran Water Festival Thailand 13-Apr-18 15-Apr-18
Oktoberfest Munich, Germany 22-Sep-18 07-Oct-18
Brazilian Carnival Brazil 11-Feb-18 11-Feb-18
Ice & Snow Festival Harbin, China 24-Dec-17 25-Feb-18
Holi India 01-Mar-18 02-Mar-18
Cascamorras Spain 06-Sep-18 09-Sep-18
Carnevale di venezia Venice, Italy 27-Jan-18 13-Feb-18
Up Helly Aa Fire Festival Scotland, UK 30-Jan-18 30-Jan-18
TomorrowLand Belgium 20-Jul-18 29-Jul-18
Mardi Gras USA 13-Feb-18 13-Feb-18
La Tomatina Spain 29-Aug-18 29-Aug-18
Albuquerque International Balloon Festival New Mexico, USA 06-Oct-18 14-Oct-18
Cooper Hill’s Cheese Rolling Festival Gloucestershire, UK 28-May-18 28-May-18
Coachella California, USA 13-Apr-18
Día de los Muertos Mexico 02-Nov-18 02-Nov-18
Running of the Bulls Spain 06-Jul-18 14-Jul-18
Burning Man State of Nevada, USA 26-Aug-18 03-Sep-18
Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Tournament Turkey 02-Jul-18 08-Jul-18
Lantern Festival Taiwan 02-Mar-18 11-Mar-18
Glastonbury Festival Glastonbury, UK NA NA
  1.       Flight promotion

Promotion period always varies among the airlines. For SEA countries, the most common and popular budget airlines are Airasia, Scoot and Jetstar . You may also follow flight-booking agency for the update. However, airline promotion is normally available for the non-peak period.

  1.       Weather

Weather is one of the most critical considerations on trip planning. Wet/Raining season always affects the travel mood and the visit to some outdoor places because most of them are much more beautiful under sunshine.

These four points help you to choose the date for your next trip. Are you still hesitating to book your flight ticket? You may refer to Trip planning for more information.