Step 1: Account Registration

If you have not yet registered an account at Leasany, please sign up now. Please do follow our Facebook and Instagram for any updates.

Step 2: Talent Identification

Writing or translating?

The requirement of each talent is written in the program page. Please refer to requirement before you submit your works. We are welcome you to join and enhance our travel community. Give us a chance to know you, give yourself a chance to show your talent.

Step 3: Show time

Choose a favorite and attractive topic for your submission and match it with your talent. Your submission will be published on our website if the content is suitable and satisfied.

  • Writers: An article with at least 800 words and pictures (please credit the pictures)
  • Translators: An English article by translating Chinese article with travel content (please get the permission from the original author for translating their article)

Other than an attractive topic and content, we also need to know the keywords of your works. Keywords help us to know better what you are trying to express.

*Please contact us via to discuss about your topic if you do not have idea.

Step 4: Application form

Once you have prepared your works, you may submit it via the form with simple questions.

You are to submit at least 2 articles to us for assessment. Remember to fill up topic of your work that catches our eyes.

Keep your documents on Google Drive, copy and paste the link of the folder when you are submitting the application form. See submission sample.

Step 5: Good news

We will contact you after we receive your application form. If your works are contented to be published as a post, we will approve and publish directly.