There are many online platforms out there to help us simplify the trip planning process. It is actually a simple step to kick start your own trip planning. It is recommended to plan the trip 3-6 months before, as the flight tickets are normally cheaper. However, you can also plan your trip before getting your flight ticket booked, while waiting for the promotional period.

Before booking a flight ticket

  1. Check out the destination with its recommended days of visit

Every travel destination has certain attraction points that are worth to visit. Traveller is recommended not to overstay in the travel destination.

  1. Preferable travel dates

After knowing the recommended days of visits, travellers can easily match the travel period with the local holiday schedule. (Refer to the long weekend schedule in Singapore)

  1. Search for flight ticket to your destination

Travellers should keep searching for the lowest priced flight tickets by changing the travel destination and travelling period.

(e.g. Skyscanner or Cheap Flights)

After booking a flight ticket

  1. Research on the places of attraction / To-do things
    • Online platform
      There are many online travelling platforms that provide free information on the destination you are going. However, every individual has unique preferences on the attractions or activities that they would like to do.(e.g. TripAdvisor or 蚂蜂窝)
    • Travel agency
      Traditional travel agency provides the general travel programme to all travellers. It is advisable to consult a travel agency to collect all the information before planning your trip.
  1. Survey on food

Food selection is important for travellers, but the eating environment of eating is also critical. Check out the recommended food/ restaurant beforehand to avoid disappointment.

  1. Trip planning: Plan your itinerary with the best route
    • Transportation
      • Apps (e.g. Grab/Uber): Mobile apps ease the booking of private cars or taxi, it helps to avoid miscommunication or communication barrier.
      • Public transport (MRT/Subway/Train/Bus): It is relatively cheaper to take public transport if you are travelling alone. For teenagers, it is strongly recommended to experience the differences of public transport between visited country and home country.
    • Accommodation (e.g.,,
      It is always advisable to book the accommodation earlier to get the accommodation of your choice (such as location, price, etc.). Without any worries on sleeping place, travellers can easily follow their travelling schedule.
  1. Emergency information (embassy/police station/hospital)

Accidents are unpredictable so it is advised to prepare all the emergency information before departure.

  1. Visa application

Visa entry permit is important for entrance into a country. If visa application is rejected, travellers are barred from entering the particular country.

  1. Travel insurance (Recommended, Refer to article Risk of Travelling)
  2. Final Budget List
  3. Prepare your luggage before departure (Please read Travel Checklist)
  4. Money exchange (Check out CashChanger for the best rate in Singapore)