The number of travellers are getting bigger and bigger, but the international data roaming is still expensive. Now you can easily use a mobile WiFi router to share the data from local SIM card that is cheapest. It allows you to share the web surfing experience together with your travel mates, you have no worries on the exchange of SIM card and phone battery issue.

Currently we rent out the best mobile WiFi router, Huawei WiFi 2 Pro. You can easily find its product features and the specification from HUAWEI WiFi 2 Pro (E5885Ls-93a) Datasheet.

If you are not sure about the coverage of Huawei WiFi 2 Pro, the table below shows the countries in different network standard and bands that are supported. However, this is only for reference, you are advised to check and confirm with the supplier of the local SIM card.

You may also read HUAWEI E5885Ls-93a User Manual Quick Start Guide if you are new to Huawei WiFi 2 Pro. It helps you to get started easily.