My very first tour joining goes to Turkey. I’m not going to mention which travel company I joined because most of the travel companies offer the similar price for trip from Malaysia to Turkey. Therefore, it’s good for you to decide which tour company to go with.


Posted by Janette Ken on Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Tour Package Fee for 10D7N from 23rd June to 2nd of July – RM 4350 (for your reference)

The package fee includes the return flight ticket, insurance, hotel, transportation, three meals a day, and all entrance ticket to attractions. Only the Hot Air Balloon is not included.

The tour package does not include the Hot Air Balloon because it always depends on the weather of the day. Most travel companies do not include this as well and you can only confirm the hot air balloon tour the day before. The price for hot air balloon is 200 USD.

I prepared cash of 500 USD for the trip. In the end, after paying the 200 USD for the hot air balloon, I still left with 100+ USD. In fact, the tour package already covered everything for me. If you’re not gonna buy any souvenirs or local products, you basically wouldn’t need to spend any penny.

In Turkey, people are using USD and TL (Turkish Lira). You can prepare some USD and exchange it to TL when you arrive at Turkey Airport. Most of the small stores do not accept USD. Only large shops do. So it’s better to exchange some TL.

✈Turkish Airline

Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul (direct): 10 hours 40 minutes

🏨4 Star Hotel or Above

In the whole tour, we almost changed the hotel everyday because we went to different cities every day. Actually, most of the hotels we stayed were very clean and tidy. We’re very satisfied. We also stayed for two nights at the cave shaped hotel that I loved the most!


🌻Istanbul (One night)

  • Hippodrome tour
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque
  • Topkapı Palace (Front door only)
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Ferry excursion across Bosporus

🌻Canakkale (One night)

  • Troy Castle
  • Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse

🌻Kusadasi (One night)

  • House of Virgin Mary
  • Ephesus
Tunnel in Ephesus

🌻Pamukkale (One night)

  • Pamukkale

🌻Cappadocia (Two nights)


Posted by Janette Ken on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

  • Riding Hot Air Balloon
  • Cappadocia City Tour
  • Uchisar Castle
  • Kaymakli Underground City
  • Göreme Open Air Museum
  • Pasabag valley
  • Local cultural dance performance

🌻Ankara (One night)

  • Ankara City Tour
Ankara Castle

🌞Best Season to travel in Turkey?

We did our research after we had returned from the trip. Actually, it’s fun to travel in Turkey all season long. But the best season to go is the Spring, followed by Autumn, Summer and then Winter. Before we went to Turkey, we didn’t do research at all so we ended up traveling in Turkey in the Summer. It’s extremely hot! Sometimes it can go up to 40 celsius degree. Fortunately, the weather was very good when we rode the Hot Air Balloon. No strong wind at all! Lifting off and landing were very stable in the balloon. So, everything has its good and bad side.

  • Spring (April – Middle of June) is the best season to go. During this period, its climate is the most mild and calm all year long while the daytime is the longest.
  • Summer (End of June – Middle of September)
  • Autumn (September – November)
  • Winter (November – March)

🕐Time Difference

The time difference between Turkey and Malaysia is 5 hours. Malaysia is 5 hours ahead of Turkey.


It felt good to try the Turkish food on the first day. But the rest of the days I didn’t feel like eating it. So I suggest you to prepare some cup noodles just in case. I have no idea on how to describe the taste of the food for you. Burrito, barbeque fish, barbeque meat seem like the normal and simple dishes we always have, but it tasted weird / awful for me. Maybe I’m only used to Malaysian taste. The lucky thing was that I brought some cup noodles.

👀Security and Safety

Probably due to the fact that we followed the tour all the time, so we didn’t encounter anyting unhappy or feel unsafe. As long as you listen to the tour guide, you’ll be safe. They also suggest us not to go out at night.

💓I believe everyone has a Hot Air Balloon Dream. In fact, the whole tour wasn’t too expensive. I personally think that it’s even cheaper than travelling in Japan. I enjoyed the most at the Pamukkale and the Hot Air Balloon Ride at Cappadocia. Other than that, most of the time we went to visit the heritage monuments and the local markets in Turkey. Maybe because it was a bit too hot, so I didn’t really enjoy very much the rest of the time. But I still find it very worthwhile to go because of the Hot Air Balloon Tour. The view we caught on top was totally unreal and scenic. I was so amazed that I was loss for words. Look at my videos and photos, then you’ll know. No Photoshop!

By the way, recently the HLB and Malaysian Harmony Tour & Travel (MHTT) are in co-operation to release a travel package which allows you to make installment payment. You can find a tour package to Turkey from them! From now, you can go travel and pay a fraction of the tour package every month! If you want to know more, contact Rebecca Ken!

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