LEVIT8 is a flat foldable standing desk that is portable and convenient. With a twist, LEVIT8 can be turned into a standing desk from a booklet. There is no additional parts or assembly needed for the transformation. After using the standing desk, you can tuck it away into the bag after twisting and flattening it.

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It is best for those who often spend hours sitting in front of their laptops. They can be workaholics and students who always use their laptops on the table, bed or floor for long hours. You can also use it as laptop desk while sitting on bed or floor.

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According to the studies, sitting all day makes us less productive and might even shorten our lifespan by increasing the risk of certain diseases. On average, one person spends about 10 hours on sitting daily. That’s why LEVIT8 is created. It is designed to allow people to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing. While switching the positions, it helps you to avoid getting the neck pain and backache after having the same position for long hours.

LEVIT8 is affordable, convenient and even portable. It has so many advantages as compared to the traditional standing desk.


  • Portable – LEVIT8 is available in 3 sizes, to accommodate the majority of users. If you’re using an S or M-sized LEVIT8, you can easily slip it into your bags and go. It keeps your space neat and clean after folding it.

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  • Durable – Its surface is water-repellent and stain-proof so it can survive from any water spills. It is not easily damaged with its hard board.

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  • Stable – LEVIT8 is able to hold and support your laptops or books. You will not have shaky experience due to its flat bottom square design.

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  • Versatile – LEVIT8 has many other functions that benefit your lifestyle but it depends on your creativity. You can use it as a temporary folder in your bag, a magazine holder or even a display holder to showcase your products.

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  • Weight – Although it is lighter than a Macbook Air, it becomes a burden if you carry it for long journey.


It is not recommended for use for  those who are required to travel during the working hours. However, I strongly recommend to have LEVIT8 in your office or your room. It brings neatness and cleanliness to your space. Its modern appearance improves the comfort level in your space. It also saves your money from buying a standing desk that is not foldable and space saving. Other than that, it also a best fit to those presenters and speakers in academic and business who always need to bent down to control their laptops due to the normal desk height. It gives a more presentable and professional look to your audience.

Still  hesitating to get one? Now try  it in your trip and experience yourselves before getting one. For more information, please visit our promotion page.