Darkness always makes people feel insecure and worried so we definitely always need a light source for adventures like hiking, camping, trekking and cove adventure. In the market,  there are three types of the devices, as follows:

  1. Torchlight

Handheld lighting device helps to enlighten the way by hand pointing direction. The direction can easily be controlled and it can be simply handed over to travel buddies.

  1. Headlamp

Headlamp is useful when you have adventurous journey like hiking, climbing and cove exploring. Hands might be used to grasp objects like tree and stone to climb. However, it is difficult to put on and put off so it is not easy to share with others.

  1. Lantern

In general, lantern is to enlighten the wide area in 360 degree instead of specific direction in far distance. Lantern helps to solve the darkness during camping at night.

All of them are actually quite cheap and easy to get from the nearby convenience stores. However, it is not essential anymore for each house as there is stable power supply in most countries. Moreover, cheap items purchased from online or physical shop cannot last for long, its durability and lighting power might not be good enough for adventurous activities.

If you just need it for your adventurous trip, you might consider renting them from Leasany. Please read the article ‘why you should rent it instead owning it’.