How many electronic gadgets do you bring to overseas trip? Most of the travellers carry only the camera, portable battery and smartphone. These gadgets need to be charged everyday because they are in heavy use If you are travelling to a country that does not  have the same power socket as your country , you will need an international adapter in your list. Therefore, you would need to bring either 3 international adapters or a power strip with an international adapter so that you can charge your gadgets.

The size of international adapter is 7.3 cm x 4.5 cm x 3.9 cm (L x W x H). Can you imagine how bulky it is when you need to carry 3 of them? A normal power strip is normally in rectangle shape with at least three sockets. Its size is about 20 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm (L x W x H), still smaller than three international adapters. You could try to squeeze the three adapters into different empty spaces in your luggage or bag, but that is not possible for a power strip.

Today, we are going to share an awesome product – the MOGICS bagel that solves the problems of size, portability and flexibility. It changes the way of charging your electronic gadgets and saves more spaces in your luggage and bag.


  1. Size: The size of the bagel is 82 mm in diameter and 32 mm in thickness. It is pocket-sized so it is small enough for you to keep inside your luggage, hand carry bag or even your pocket.
  2. Number of plugs: The bagel has two USB and five plugs. You can charge up to 7 electronic gadgets at the same time.
  3. International adapter: The bagel includes an international adapter for EU, UK and AU. You do not need to bring additional international adapter when travelling to most of the countries.
  4. Aesthetic Appearance: The bagel is a creative design with the shape of bagel and it looks modern. It’s definitely suitable for your business trip.


  1. Cable length: The bagel is 93 cm in length so technically you will have to use it beside the socket.
  2. Full extension before use: You have to fully extend the cable to max before you can use the bagel. The cables in the bagel will keep the space inside the bagel so the plugs are not able to be plugged into the sockets.
  3. Not for all plugs: it depends on the size and shape of plugs. Sometimes the plugs might clash with each other while attaching to the bagel.
  4. No earth protection: The bagel does not have connection to the earth but it has fuses to protect your devices.


MOGICS Bagel is a travel essential for those who travel with many electronic gadgets  or those who travel in group. Just bring the right plugs along to avoid the clashes and read the user manual before use. Still worrying its functionality? You may try it in your coming trip before purchasing it.