Honeymoon is a special trip for a new Husband and Wife which normally happens after the wedding or registration of marriage. It is to celebrate the marriage while enjoy traveling to the world without friends and family. In order to make the honeymoon experience wonderful, below is the suggested checklist for honeymoon.

  • A special outfit

You can wear it for dinner at the first night or last night. Special outfit presents the importance of the dinner and helps to catch the partner’s attention.

  •  Special lingerie

It helps to surprise your new spouse at the first night. It will bring both of you to next level of enjoyment.

  • Hydrating moisturiser

A good hydrating moisturiser maintains the moisture level of your skin. Skin can be sensitive to any touch.

  • Birth control and condoms (contraception)

If you are still enjoying your couple life with your partner and do not plan to have a kid yet, condom is a must.

  • Lube

It is a great sexual aid all of the time, but will especially come in handy during a week full of sex. No matter how eager you are to have sex, your lady partner might feel a lil bit over after using it for consecutive days. Make sex comfortable and double the fun with a little lube. Purchase a new, sealed bottle for the trip and then pack it separately in a plastic bag to avoid any spillage.

  • Sex Toys

There are plenty types of sex toys in the market. Sex toys can double the excitement and bring the couple to next level of enjoyment. However, for those having first-time sex experience, it might be a bit over.

  • Games

You can prepare some games which contain award and punishment with sex hint. This seduction stimulates the desire of sex at night.

  • A music playlist of your favorite tunes as a couple

You can prepare the playlist in your phone and bring a little speaker. With your favourite songs, you can simply generate a romantic atmosphere and create your own world.

  • Projector

Romantic movie reminds you of your beautiful memory with your partner. It can also be an important element for your romance.

  • Float

It is not that essential but it can be fun if you are having games in the swimming pool.

  • Photography Tools

Some couples hire a professional photographer to capture the best moment during the honeymoon. However, it is quite embarrassing and uncomfortable if somebody is watching you. You may set up the camera by yourself to capture every moment with your partner.

  • Small collapsible cooler

It is used to keep the drinks chilled like water, beer and champagne in your room. When you go adventure, you can also use it if your accommodations do not provide anything for you.