The photography industry is changing rapidly due to the dramatic increase in demand. Advancements in photography technology result in accessories that are small, light, and portable for travel purposes, and it becomes increasingly popular for travellers to record down their memories through a camera rather than simply through the human eyes. Now, Leasany presents to you a list of basic photography accessories:

Phone with camera of high resolution

Today, it is common to see someone holding a phone which was initially invented as a means of communication. A phone camera today can easily have up to 8 megapixels, which is as good as an actual camera. Furthermore, a camera phone is always with you wherever you go or whatever you do, and is easily the most convenient photography tool you can have with you.

Professional camera

A professional camera comprises of a series of advanced technology that allows one to take photos with exceptional resolution and quality. However, the downside of this is that such cameras tend to be bulky and heavy.

Polaroid camera

A polaroid camera provide immediate printing of the picture taken anywhere, anytime! While it is great to own an actual copy of the picture, a polaroid camera lacks greatly in resolution as compared to a phone camera or professional camera, and also having the risk of photo colour fading after a period of time. Also, it is not possible to retrieve the soft copy of the pictures captured, and there is a need to spend extra money on buying films in order to use the polaroid camera.

Action camera
action camera_324x160

Action cameras had its debut far later than phone and professional cameras. It became increasingly popular since 2010 due to its portability, wide view and high resolution. Furthermore, action cameras come with a waterproof cover capable of withstanding pressure up till a certain level. The main selling point of such action cameras, as compared to phone and professional cameras, is that they can be utilised by travellers who want to record their underwater journey in a diving trip, or when they participate in adrenaline-pumping activities such as bungee jump or skydiving, all of which are instances whereby it is hard to use a phone or professional camera.


Drones are widely used for several industries such as logistics, surveillance, etc. It is also commonly used for photography. However, its high price restricts the user popularity but many travellers are keen to own one.


Gimbal helps to resolve the issues of video vibrations and unclear photos, which always drive travellers mad after returning from their trip.


A tripod allows travellers to set up their cameras on a fixed support to take pictures, and have become an essential tool while taking landscape views or night views to obtain a better quality. It is also useful for taking time-lapse videos as travellers do not need to hold the camera for a long time. Typically, a tripod is used with a remote controller, or the timer setting in the camera.

Waterproof handphone pouch
waterproof handphone pouch_324x160

Do you wish to capture your memories on a snorkelling or diving trip, but do not own an action camera? Fret not, as there is still waterproof handphone pouch that you can protect your camera phone with. By using this pouch, taking photos and capturing videos when snorkelling or diving is no longer an issue.


You can use a monocular to take photo of an object that is a far distance away. A monocular does not only allow your eyes to see objects that are far away from you, it also allows you to take clear photos of the object. However, the careless usage of such technology may intrude the privacy of others. You may read up on the ethics and misbehaviours on technology.

Wide-angle lens
wide angle lense_324x160

Laziness and inconvenience inspired the invention of wide-angle lens. People may choose to use wide-angle lens to capture wider but rounder images rather than using a selfie stick with remote controller.

Selfie stick
selfie stick_324x160

Travellers use selfie stick to increase the distance between the camera and themselves to capture bigger view when taking selfies/wefies.

Remote controller
remote controller_324x160

A Bluetooth remote controller for phone camera is essential when using tripod or selfie stick. It saves time without requiring the usage of timer setting.

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