Picnic is the simplest activity in terms of preparation. What you need are simply location selection and preparation of picnic items. Below is the item list for you to prepare. You may choose to buy them yourself, borrow them from a friend, or rent from external party. You may like to read why you should rent the item.

Picnic mat
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Picnic mat can be a big cloth or plastic sheet. The disadvantage of using big cloth/plastic as picnic mat is that beach sand will easily remain on of the mat. Also, their shape is easily deformed by wind and human motion.


In order to avoid sun burns, you may just choose to set up your picnic below a big tree, or bring a tent along. If only typical, traditional tents appear in your mind, allow Leasany to introduce some tents that allow you and your friends to have fun in. Leasany provides different types of tents.

Inflatable sleeping bag
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Inflatable sleeping bag is considered as a new design for items used for leisure. This design provides convenience and comfort for travellers. Leasany strongly recommends that you experience it if you have not tried it before. Now, you can just rent an inflatable sleeping bag from Leasany.


Today, photography tools become a necessary travel item. Please read Photography Tools.

Ice box / ice bag
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When preparing food and drinks for your picnic, an ice box is necessary for you to bring along, especially when having a picnic under the hot sun. A cold drink is the best way for you to cool down in the hot weather.


Sunblock is a must-bring item for girls participating in outdoor activities. However, Leasany does not recommend sunblocks to be applied. You may read up on do you think sunblock is important.


According to a survey done by Leasany, frisbee, volley ball, kite-flying, and poker cards, are the most popular sports/games with your friends during a picnic session. Please read how group activity improves your relationship.