Thousands of travellers experience some kind of trouble when holidaying overseas each year. Have you ever encountered any one of these problems while travelling?

1. Trip-Cancellation or Interruption
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It’s no secret that when you travel, there is much that’s out of your control. Unpredictable natural disasters such as hurricane, floods, etc, sudden illness or accident often to be the reason for you to cancel your trip. Delay in flights timing will also have certain impact to your journey.

Trip disruptions can end up costing you a fortune. In many cases, you will not be able to get refund or to do changes for your air tickets and hotel bookings, especially if you get them with promotional rate. In addition, some airlines and hotels charges no show fee and it will all be at your own expenses. In any case if you need to continue with your previous journey, you have to fork out your own money to get replacement tickets and hotel bookings, etc.

2. Medical Emergencies & Evacuation
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In many countries, medical treatment for visitors can be incredibly expensive; and most of the medical health insurance will not pay or reimburse any of your medical expenses that incurred overseas unless is emergency. No matter how good your health insurance is, you need medical evacuation coverage. A good example will be when you broke your leg while hiking and require a Jet ambulance to get you out of the mountain and transfer you to the hospital. In this case, health insurance will cover your medical bills whereas medical evacuation coverage will cover the costs of transport that you will need to be evacuated.

3. Loss or damaged of Baggage
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Who doesn’t love Europe? This is a heaven for shopper. However, pick pocket is a norm. People lost their laptops, cameras, bags, and money within just a blink. If your luggage is stolen, lost or damaged overseas, you can end up significantly out of pocket. You are not only losing your valuables but also your suitcase. Lastly, how much does your suitcase worth?

Do you know that there is actually a way that you can mitigate those risks?

If you worry one of the above mentioned risks will happen on you, travel insurance serves the purpose to protect you and your loved one to travel the world with complete peace of mind. Whether you’re travelling for leisure, for work, studying or visiting friends and family abroad, travel insurance has a range of options to cover you and your loved ones.

However, not all the travel insurances are the same. All travel insurance policies have specific benefits and exclusions. If you are unsure about anything regarding your policy, feel free to contact us. With our recommendation, you will only buy what you need. We are making some benefits option to give you a choice to pick and choose what are most appropriate for your trip.