Maybe you heard the Czech Republic before, or not, but you should know its capital, Prague, a beautiful city.


This is a season of gathering. After 14 hours of traveling alone for few thousands of miles (see last posts for more stories), a friend who had gone through extraordinary orientation camp with me, my group partner, Zhiqi came to Prague airport for a fetch. Being lived in Prague for a while, she became our amateur tour guide here (she was the kind who will get lost in Nanyang Technological University even though had been studied there for a year and seems like she improved a lot!). Soon, my travel groupmates arrived at the airport too. With Zhiqi leading the way, I bought my SIM card and train ticket and be so ready to explore the ancient city!

Prague Essential:

  1. Czech Koruna (CZK), 1 MYR approximately equal to 5 CZK
  2. SIM card and date, with international student card (ISIC), you will able to get the postpaid plan: 10GB data, 499CZK/month, 4000+CZK deposit required. The deposit can get back after 3 months.
  3. 24 hours city public transport card: 110CZK per pax. Activate on bus or metro station when you first use any public transport. Keep your ticket for inspection.
  4. Language, most of the people here speak Czech language, and English too. But there are also some of them totally can’t understand English, if you meet them, try to sign them as good as you can!

#Luggage vs Prague Road

Prague is a unique city. Most of the Prague’s footway, as well as car road, are built with cubic rocks. All this make Prague a romantic place but kill your luggage wheels. All the roads were built very long ago so they are designed for horse and carriage instead of the modern car. From my estimation, they are exceptionally rigid and not easily damaged. If your luggage can survive in Czech, please treat it well! Besides, I also wonder how those roads work with high heels but so far, I hadn’t seen anyone wearing high heels walking on the street.

Public Transport in Czech:

  1. Tram, it has its railway but shares the main road with cars.
  2. Metro, a kind of subway with three main lines intercepted at city center.<Rating for convenience and user-friendly: 4 stars>

*Luggage storage in Prague: Luggage Storage, rate: 2.5 euro per day if stored for over 20 days. Show ISIC card for 10% discount. No booking needed. Cash only.


We stayed at AIRBNB located in the Prague old town where we booked before arrival.

BIER is nice and cheap here in Czech, and we are liking it!

The convenience that AIRBNB brought us is really appreciated: walking distance from Prague Square and cheap in price.

Talking about food at Prague, I felt it is average for traditional Czech food, however, the portion is usually larger than you expected, and you will love the food served if you are a MEAT lover!

#Christmas Market at 4 PM

If you visit Czech in the winter time like me, the mighty sun may not have a long working hour. When we came out from a restaurant at 4 pm, the sky was in the total dark. In Malaysia, it should be hot afternoon which makes people sweaty! Since the night had come, this is the perfect timing for a shop in Christmas Night Market! The Christmas Market located at the famous Prague Square. Below are some of the hits from Christmas Night Market:

  1. The all-star desert – Trdeknik!

    Food and Snacks, the snacks here are absolutely worth a try! The dessert hall of fame – Trdeknik is a must try here!! Besides, the Old Prague ham and Hot wine also make you warm in chilling weather.

Old Prague Ham in Christmas market! Take note that the price is usually in per 100 g.
  1. Stage Performance, how can a Prague Square live without a stage? Yes! It has a stage and you can enjoy some highly enjoyable music that you can’t understand at all!
You can’t miss the stage performance in Christmas Market
  1. Goods, there are lots of variety of Christmas goods here that you can bring back if you like!

#Prague Must Go

Prague is an ancient city that you can feel its romance in every single street. If Prague Square are so famous it became a song title of Jay Chou and Jolin, Prague city view also became the background from WangLeeHom’s MV recently. You cannot tell others that you visit Prague before if you miss this places in Prague!

  1. Prague Castle, the most eye-catching castle in Prague, at the top of a hill!

*Free entry for Prague Castle area. There are restaurants, café, and museums inside the area. At the top of the area, there is Prague Castle. SAINT VITUS CATHEDRAL is right behind it and it cost 150CZK and 287 steps to enter the tower but absolutely worth it.

2. CHARLES BRIDGE, the background of WangLeeHom’s hit ‘Cracked Heart’ MV background! Connecting the city from Vltava River and decorated with statues. We reached there at night hence not much good photos and taken but the experience is always with me.


#My stories in Prague

One, BUDGET travel.

The second day in Prague, SeeChin and I left our check luggage at Luggage Storage at Prague and paid a huge amount of CZK in cash. When we were going to the SAINT VITUS CATHEDRAL at Prague Castle, we hardly get the amount by all the coins. Imagine how hard for me to search the CZK coins from my wallet which already mixed with different currency coin that you are not familiar, featuring Turkey currency and SGD (The task getting tougher and tougher when Euro and CHF come in later). Walking down the Castle, the street market food was killing us as we were starving at that time. After some effort of finding CZK coins in my wallet, we able to buy a 200g portion of fried potatoes with 115CZK discounted with 1 CZK simply because we are out of money. But the stories never end, we had our dinner later in a very charming restaurant with nice staff. We paid the bill with cards but unable to pay any tips which were reminded by the staff for a few times. As I felt sorry for the restaurant staff, I hereby introduce this good restaurant in terms of both food quality and service attitude.

Two, as future engineer


During our journey to the top of SAINT VITUS CATHERAL, we go rounds and rounds upstairs until we reached 56m high, top of the tower. My curiosity brought me to solve the problem: how much spin had we made to reach the top? With the assist of mobile phone’s compass function and the formula below, I was able to solve the problem! We span approximately 26 rounds to get to the top!

Story compiled in the way to Vienna, on train



The Third day in Prague, we leave Prague with train and continue our journey to Vienna, Austria.