If you are a frequent travellers or a “SUPERMAN” employee, you should not miss this good news. A new travel sim card provider, AIRSIM solves the hassle of finding local SIM card every time you go overseas and offer the very affordable data plan for you. You do not need to pay the expensive roaming charges, or spend time loitering at airport to search for local SIM cards with all your bulky luggage, AIRSIM allows you to start surfing internet as soon as you’ve landed.

How special AIRSIM is?

AIRSIM uses unique technology that combines Soft SIM and Over-the-AIR (OTA) technologies. Once your AIRSIM has been activated, it will allow you to surf internet in couple of minutes after you’ve landed at the airport! This is how it works. When you are using AIRSIM abroad, it will first use roaming at zero cost to detect your location. If you have your AIRSIM data plan activated by then, the local sim data will be downloaded to your AIRSIM automatically through ‘air’ and tadaa now your AIRSIM will be transformed into a local sim and you can start surfing internet as usual.

AIRSIM collaborates with major operators worldwide, you can enjoy data service overseas with AIRSIM. Simply with one AIRSIM card, you can enjoy data service in more than 80 countries. For complete list of telco and available countries, please refer to APN & Carrier List.

Moreover, you can just keep it until your next overseas trip because AIRSIM is reusable and only expires after 1 year. You do not need to spend time buying local SIM cards anymore. If you consider yourself as a traveller, you should know how much time you can save. Buying a local SIM card takes time which include 5 mins for queuing, 15 mins for bargaining, 10 mins for registration and 10 mins for setup and installation for each trip. It might be longer or even cheated due to language barrier. With AIRSIM, your preparation for surfing internet overseas can be done at your own free time anytime before your departure!

Not only these, AIRSIM is transferrable so you can pass it to your family and friends.

Special Notes

If you were subscribed to a travel data plan with your home carrier, you will probably get bill shocked due to the over-usage on the roaming data limit. Now you do not need to worry about the extra charge with AIRSIM. All the packages provide you unlimited data within the selected day range of your package with 500MB at 4G/3G speed and unlimited data (most data package) at slightly slower surfing speed.

With the flexibility provided by AIRSIM, you can easily purchase the data plan from AIRSIM ROAM App and website at your finger tip without the hassle of researching where you could top up your credit or buying a new card if you had to extend your stay or exceeded data usage.

Besides, you may have experienced this situation. You are traveling with friends for 5 days, you thought it would be fine to share a hotspot through portable WiFi router, but in reality you might have to meet up with your own friends or to separate from the group for several days. In this case, should you ever wonder whether to buy one more SIM card, or just search for WiFi? With AIRSIM, you can just pay online before leaving your hotel, and enjoy 1-day or 2-days package with unlimited data. It saves your time and possible hassles and it ensure that you will have uniterrupted internet services. You should get one with prepaid credit and only activate it for this kind of situation or even the emergency case.

How about the down side?

Nothing is perfect. AIRSIM does not have a phone number so it does not allow you to receive call. There are two ways to solve this issue for the important call with the free* roaming activation like pay-as-you-roam:

  1. Use a dual SIM card phone
  2. Bring a spare phone

*Generally, the roaming service by local telco service provider in Singapore charges higher rate for the usage of call, message and data but it costs nothing for the activation.

However, the important message/call can be delivered via the popular communication tools such as Email and WhatsApp Messaging as long as you are connected with internet. It should not a big issue.

Although it doesn’t come with a phone number, you are still able to call Local Numbers via AIRTALK. You just need to purchase AIRTALK package (currently FREE for first 30 mins) in AIRSIM ROAM and you can call your hotel host or tour guide immediately upon arrival on your destination.

AIRSIM is currently not working with the portable WiFi router that can save your phone battery. However, you still can get a spare device or portable charger (powerbank) to solve the battery issues.

Where can I get AIRSIM and Data Plan?

For First-Time Customers (who do not have AIRSIM yet)

  1. AIRSIM will deliver one AIRSIM to you once you purchased a data service or a Prepaid Card from website if you are the first-time user.
  2. You can also purchase a SIM card with 20 SGD prepaid value through Leasany.

For Return Customers

  1. You can purchase the data plan from website or through Mobile App AIRSIM ROAM any time before your departure or after arrival. Simply select the destination, effective date, duration, and then make payment. The data plan will be effective according to the purchase.
  2. You can top up your AIRSIM by credit cards any time and purchase the data plan with the balance in your AIRSIM account.
User Guide

How to install?

For the User Guide on AIRSIM, please refer to the setup page based on your device (iOS & Android) from website or user guide that come with the card.


AIRSIM saves your precious time for the hassle and provides you uninterrupted connectivity in more than 80 countries. It allows you to purchase a package online at any time anywhere at your convenience. It is reusable with 1-year validity and transferable to anyone. The flexibility of AIRSIM allows you to extend your data package, add in new data package and make changes in case your itinerary changed wherever WiFi is available with the prepare credit or credit card. It is good for those Travel in single country for less than 20 days and backpackers which travel multiple countries.

For more information, please visit their official website.

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