Still travelling in your own suit? Don’t you feel hot and sweaty under the sun? In Singapore, it is intolerant to expose yourself to outdoor while wearing suits due to the hot weather. Sometimes, when it is crowded in the public transport station, the formal suit will easily get stained or creased. Not only that, putting on formal wear makes one feel hard to move freely. Consequently, these undoubtedly will affect your clients’ first impression on you and your performance would get worse.

Instead of putting the formal suit on, people in Singapore tend to bring along the whole set of the suit and trouser to the destination and put them on on the spot. Normally, the garment bag is too big to bring along so it’s quite inconvenient when it comes to taking public transport. Although the normal garment bag prevents the suit from getting creased, it is only suitable for those who travel by car.

Now we are introducing you a foldable garment bag by PLIQO that solves the above mentioned problems. PLIQO designs their bags to keep your suit and shirt in neat with minimal crease. Their bags consist of a foldable garment hanger that allows you to fold your suit to minimize the size to as small as a laptop bag. Their products aim to make business travel and commuting more comfortable and convenient that ever before. The users can relax themselves  when they are on the move. You have zero worries about having a crumpled suit in the conference meetings.

Currently, PLIQO has two models of garment bag: CARRY-ON and PACK-IN. The main differences are the weight and the number of zip pockets that indirectly affect the volume of the bag but the size of the bags remain the same. The total weight of CARRY-ON and PACK-IN including hangers are 1,150 grammes and 940 grammes respectively. The bag is large enough to insert your formal suit when it’s fully opened but it’s ultra compacted when it’s folded up. The PLIQO bag can be fully opened up to an usable area of 127 cm by 65 cm with the thickness of 1 cm so it is big enough for even the larger items than formal wear. When normally packed, the PLIQO CARRY-ON bag becomes 39 cm by 30 cm by 4 cm, the PLIQO PACK-IN is as smaller as only 39 cm by 30 cm by 2 cm.

Due to its small size, it can fit into cabin luggages and different types of bags such as cycle panniers, backpacks, messenger bags, and even briefcases. Therefore, it serves as a travel pouch that only keeps the formal wear in neat and avoids the mess in your luggages or bags. Furthermore, the PLIQO bag is considered as a ‘laptop bag’ or ‘handbag’ by many major airlines, the air travellers can carry it into their cabins in addition to a piece of conventional cabin luggage.

Not just for business travellers, it is also suitable for those academic scholars to bring along to their conference and presentation. They can change their attire to casual wear immediately after their presentation and travel to other places. It is also great for those stage performers to carry their costumes from place to place. Moreover, it also makes the evening date hassle free without having to bring a bulky garment bag, putting the suit in a risk of getting creased and rushing back to home for a change. In short, it is the best garment bag for those who need to wear formally and travel in a suit.

The PLIQO bag has already been tested out by more than 1,200 satisfied customers across the world, it aims to become the smartest garment bag in the world. This video clip gives a step-by-step explanation of how the PLIQO bag works. You can even surprise yourself by having actual trial experience before making the purchase order.