Wallet is always the most important thing when it comes to travelling. The main function is to keep the cash notes and the important cards such as identification card, bank card, transportation card or even student card. In most wallets, a picture, a love note, an amulet, receipts, name cards or mobile SIM card could be found. However, all of these items make the wallet bulky and inconvenient to keep in pocket. It also indirectly gives thief an opportunity to notice where your wallet is.

According to our survey, many travellers always prefer to bring another wallet when they are out of their own countries. They tend to transfer their important cards and cash notes to another wallet. Sometimes, it takes  too much time to remove the unnecessary things from the daily used wallet. A travel wallet is necessary to be small and convenient but still able to keep all important cards and cash notes.

Now, the multi card slot wallet designed by DAX could be a choice as your travel wallet. DAX Wallet is only 10 cm by 7 cm in dimension, which is definitely smaller than other travel wallets. It can keep up to 5 cards. It is designed with a simple pull tag that lets you pull and view all your cards instantaneously. The magnetic snap of the tag secures the cards from dropping out of the wallet. The best part is that it only shows one fifth of each card so it does not expose much to the thief.

DAX wallet also has a slot for cash notes storage at the back. The only bad part about DAX wallet is that the slot for cash is quite small so it might be slightly inconvenient to some people. Hence, the cash note has to be folded twice to be able to insert into the slot. It reveals one third of the cash so it might attract the thief’s attention.

DAX wallet comes in six models, namely midnight blue, mountain green, mars, red limited, monochrome and leather-brown. It looks fashionable in appearance. The exterior part of the wallet is made of fabric that is water repellent. It is really stand-out among the travel wallets. However, the disadvantage of DAX wallet is the lack of the storage for mobile SIM card. Although travelers can keep the mobile SIM card in the cash slot, it might easily be gone while the travellers is searching for  the cash at the slot. However, it is not an issue if the travelers are using a dual-SIM phones.

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