Other than taking public transportation and grab/uber, there is another way to travel, it is to rent a car or a motorbike. Driving yourselves gives you freedom and local experience. However, this choice also depends on where and when you are travelling and whom you are travelling with.


Countries like India and Vietnam do not have a comprehensive transport system so it is quite dangerous to drive/ride on your own.

However, If you are travelling to European countries, US and Australia, it is strongly recommended to drive on your own due to the large country area and smooth road which allow Travellers to drive safe.

Those mentioned above are focus on city area, if in rural area, it is extremely convenient to go anywhere you want by riding a motorbike.


It is also important to know  where you travel as different countries have different  weather. During snow and wet season, it is strongly advised not to drive or ride yourselves if you have no experience on driving in the snow. However, it will definitely become an unforgettable experience if you do so.

Driving in rain is quite dangerous because of the slippery road condition. You may also not be able to see the big hole on the road once rain floods over the level. This may leads to a road accident. Moreover, it is quite hard to find a parking lot for your vehicle in foreign country.


If you are having an adventurous trip with an outgoing friend or two, riding a bike can be one of your choices. You can also drive a car if you have a travel group of 3 to 4. In this way, you are able to share the rental fee with your travel mates. Consequently,it  might become even cheaper and faster than taking public transportation. You can also change your trip itinerary based on your preference, like stopping for beautiful landscape view anytime and anywhere.

If you travel with family, driving car is more convenient. The elder and children can rest in the car for some naps due to tiredness. Not only that, your family members wouldn’t need to squeeze like sardines with other passengers when taking public transport.

Nowadays driving in foreign countries has been easy than ever. With the advanced gadget with GPS navigation, you can be directed to the destination even if you haven’t been to that place before.  In order to drive oversea, you need an International Driving License. You can easily convert your local driving license to international driving license (IDL) based on your country law.

Some countries have cheap taxi service such as tuktuk and grabbike, so car rental might not be the best choice. Safety level of countries also becomes part of consideration as robbery/car missing cases on taxi are reported in past.

Furthermore, you can also choose to hire a driver for your road trip. As mentioned above, tiredness and familiarity on transportation might increase the probability of accident occurrence. You may read the travel story of Mayyi. Hiring a driver will also settle the communication issue with local if driver understands your language.

However, driving a car or riding a motorbike without a proper driving license is strictly prohibited. In order to travel easily, get a driving license so that you will have more options on your transportation during your oversea trips.