You should read the itinerary 16D15N:2300 km Road Trip by Camper Van in New Zealand before this article.

At the beginning, we compared the prices of Camper Van on Campervan Hire New Zealand. We were a group of four though, we reserved a 6-seaters Camper Van. Our road trip ended up being very comfortable because we got 3 queen size bed as well as a in-car heater. It felt like staying in the physical house.

Remember to purchase the car insurance, just in case you have any accident, you can get full protection that could save you a lot of hassles.

Price of Camper Van Booking

The Camper Van we booked was the Britz 6 Berth Camper Van and it costed us about NZD 2500 (=2380 SGD = 7050 MYR) including insurance fee.

While we were on the way, we actually saw another camper car passing by us which happened to be a more luxurious Camper Van from Wilderness. After we did some research online, we found that Wilderness Rental Car Company offers better camper van and the price is no much difference.


We drove for 2300 km in the whole road trip and we filled the petrol tank for about 5 to 6 times. A full tank of petrol costed us about NZD 70 (=67 SGD = 200 MYR). So in total we spent about NZD 350 (= 335  SGD = 1000 MYR) in petrol filling.


The biggest advantage of driving a camper van is that you can change your plan or itinerary anytime just in case anything happens. I would say like this because New Zealand climate is oceanic, which results to be frequent rains throughout the year. So, many activities could be easily affected by the BAD weather.

I personally had to change my plan to Kaikoura Whale seeing tour to three days later because of bad weather. My journey to Fox Glacier also delayed one day due to rainy weather. Therefore, technically speaking, if you book the accommodation in advance, then you may be not able to have the flexibility of the trip like we do and as a result you will have to leave the city without completing some must-dos. You can just stay your night at the campsites everywhere in New Zealand.

In the Camper van, you can switch on all the lightings, heater, fridge as well as the water heater for you to bath. The water in the bathroom of camper van is heated by the coal gas, not by electric energy. Therefore, you may need to wait for about an hour to let the water heat up.


You can actually cook in the Camper Van, but we didn’t. This is because most of the camper vans are so enclosed for cold-proof. Unless your camper van rear door can be opened, your car can be filled with smoke smell, which is very irritating, if you cook in the van.


I suggest you guys not to bring large luggages because there is no space in the camper van for you to keep them. You can only keep your belongings on the aisle or the bed. So, it’s better to keep your luggage light and small.

Driving Skill

Driving a Camper Van is actually not a difficult job. To me, it felt like driving a larger version of Van or Hilux. For those who are worried, you may go to the website to know more about vehicle operation in New Zealand


  1. Download the Rankers Camping NZ apps on your smartphone. This application provides you with the information of the campsite, such as the rating, prices, and reviews so you can compare. It became very useful for us as we used the apps all the time to decide which campsite we’re going to stay.
  2. The rate of Campsite depends on the number of head. Usually it costs 20-30 NZD per pax a night. You get to use the toilet, pantry and laundry. You can also clean your excrement from the camper van as well as fill up the water tank in the van.
  3. If you would like to stay out of campsite, you can check out this website and get the information on areas that is prohibited to stop to avoid the chance of violating the rules. However by doing so, remember check whether the water in the tank is at full level for you to bath and wash, as well as the petrol tank level. 


If you decide not to stop at campsite (a place with power supply), you will not have power supply to charge those electrical devices such as camera, laptop or use the hairdryer. But the good thing is, the camper van has 3 USB port to let you charge your smartphone. You may need to prepare yourself a Car Charger USB port though.

If you prefer staying of of campsite most of the time, I personally suggest you to go to the campsite once every 2-3 days to refill the necessities because the water tank in the camper van usually is just enough for about 3 days use.

When filling up the water tank in the car, control the inflow of water at low rate, otherwise you will end up having the water flow out of the tank like I did.