Before travelling to India for 30 days, I went to about 10+ countries in Europe and Asia. I not only traveled with friends and family, but also traveled with my own soul and spirit. I can say that I have expertise in travel related matters. This time I went to India with a future doctor who was studying in Russia, he suggested me to try workaway for my first time, so we did it.

Travelling in India is really not that easy and convenient, it is not kidding at all. Frankly speaking, as a man with 1.8m tall and tons of travel experience, I thought I can easily manage all the issues in India but I am wrong. I could not imagine how those female travelers survived from their trips in India, I am proud of them.

1. Language

It depends on the visiting city. For example, it is much more easy to find someone who can speak fluent english in New Dehli. As capital of India, many foreigners will travel and passby the city and local Indian there have higher education background. However, when trying to take tuktuk, we have to double or even triple confirm with them before departure. In whole journey, I have been fighting for at least 5 times because they were trying to bully my friend and me.

2. Online Payment

In India, we tried to book the transportation services such as train or bus in advanced. However, their online system does not accept any VISA/MASTER card registered in Singapore. Luckily we had friend who studying in India to help us on the payment issue. I think the other solution is to go through the local travel agency but it definitely charges higher.

3. Culture Shock

Taking subway (similar to MRT in Singapore and only in main cities of India) is quite challenging. Nobody in subway will give way to alighting passengers and the waiting passengers at platform will just board on the subway immediately after the door is open. There is not that kind of “Manner” we have in Singapore. Next, people in India just throw the rubbish anywhere, the street and train track is full of rubbish. Can you imagine that they even shit directly on the track? Last but not least, local male indian can just stare at female without avoiding direct eye contact with female. They do not feel embarrassed at all, this also surprised me.

4. Hygiene

Not only the street is dirty, but also the food. Our stomachs totally cannot accept the street food in India, I personally laosai (shitting without control) every week. You may easily hear that no one can survive from India without stomachache. Even the drinking water is only clean from the water bottle, all the foreigners dare not drink directly from water pipe. Fortunately I brought along a future doctor with me and he kept asking what colour my poo was. LOL.

These were few issues my travel-mate and I confronted in India. For travelers, India is a MUST place to be visited in bucket list. I felt that I become stronger in mind and body after back from India. If you are still considering to travel in India, it is better to travel in younger age as we cannot afford and suffer anymore when we are old.