Diving is one of the bucket list in my life. That time I could only enjoy the underwater world through the YouTube videos. Diving is relatively dangerous because it is difficult to communicate with others in water. However, I got diving license as open water diver last year and as advanced diver in last June. And now diving has become my favourite activity.

There are few reasons why I love diving. Firstly, diving is suitable to a group of friends, you can chat as usual when you are on land, but you have to change to silent mode while diving. After every dive, I always enjoy the sharing session with friends on what they experienced in the water.

Next, I like the silent environment in the water, I always concentrate on finding the new species. Nemo fish, shark and sea turtles so far are my favourite species as I say hi personally to them. Last time even my coach said we were very lucky to be so close to shark around 2 meters. It was because he, as a diving coach, has not been so close to the shark. Initially he was worried about our safety. LOL.

Lastly, i was influenced by the passion and love of my diving coach. In water, you can retrieve the freedom, dive here and there as you like. However, I obviously still need more practices to obtain the ‘freedom’ as I have only two diving experience. This is why I cannot really control the manoeuvre well especially when there is current.

If you are interested to get a diving license, you may consider Udive at Tioman Island where I got my licenses from. Their service is really good, but some coaches are quite fierce when it comes to safety issue. Don’t play play when you go diving, don’t put your life at danger.