Depreciation may be caused by wear & tear or obsolescence caused by technology advancement. It is a hidden cost and it reduces the value of the item. In accounting, every purchased machine has its depreciation cost which is shown under expense. We know that the condition of the machine is getting worse and losing its value overtime. Unlike property or stock, their value might be increased over time and in some cases even earn money for you through rental or dividend respectively.

As our team from leas aware from the observation in friends’ house or conversation with friends and colleagues, there is a bad behaviour of  purchasing unnecessary items. People are getting used to buy the so-call necessary item which is useful for the moment when you going to  use it, however, it is very often one-time use and was left untouched  for years after the first use. Let’s start to think about and list down the items which are kept or stored in your house untouched for years or twice a year?

You may find the cleaning machine for bed and mattress, you may also find exercise equipment, how about travel items? Now you may notice that your travel items are lying down in your cupboard most of the time. Technology develops rapidly and obsolescence occurs every one or two years has become a normal scene, especially for electronic devices.iFor example, you own a gopro5 for 590 SGD in 2017 and Gopro6 is released to the market one or two years later due to technology advancement. Would you trade in your existing Gopro5 for the new Gopro6 with lower price , or remain using your outdated Gopro5 and not updated the latest technology?

You may soon realize that you are actually buying item which losses its value faster than you may think of.. However, many of us are not willing to believe the truth. Let’s take the Goproexample above with slight twist. Imagine you are now owning a Gopro 4 that you have bought two years ago and you are going to sell it off  so that you have extra cash to buy a Gopro 5 (assuming you only need one Gopro), which is currently the latest model in the market. From a market survey we have done, you can only sell it off with 350 SGD while you bought  it at around 550 SGD when it was just released. There are a few questions for you to think about this moment:

1. High pricing of travel items

New advanced products are very expensive when it just releases.

2. Storage issue

Bulky travel item occupies the house space.

3. Maintenance Issue

As an owner, you have to bear the risk of damage for the item. Sometimes the damage can be caused by deteriorating overtime due to lack of maintenance. You may want to take into consideration the cost of repair which can be up to hundreds sometimes!

4. Rapid Change in Technology

The rate of releasing new version or model of product is getting faster and faster due to the rapid development in technology. The functionality, portability and appearance are more advanced, attractive and useful. It is difficult for everyone to own all models of the products after the consideration of price and usage.

5. Low Trade-in Price and Risk of Selling

Depreciation on the value of the travel item is much faster that deterioration of the travel items. Continue with Gopro example, it is possible based on the market survey provided you are lucky enough to find a buyer who need an (second hand) action camera. As a results, the cost of owning the Gopro 4 for 2 years is  200 SGD. Moreover, the owners are also facing the risk of selling because the item may not be attractive to other buyers anymore.

6. Cost Sharing

Further to the question above, assuming that you  have used the travel item 5 times  within 2 years. Therefore, cost of owning is about  40 SGD/trip. If you did not own the item and you rent it from Leasany, you would be able to share the cost with your travel buddies in a reasonable way. You would have spent less than what you are paying now.

7. Sorry bro I have damaged your item...

Let’s be frank, It is quite awkward and difficult sometimes to rent an item to your friends. You may worry about whether the item will still be one piece or scratches after you rent it. Once damage on the item has been found, your friend might apologize and he/ she might compensate you for the repair in a better case but that is the last thing we want it to happen. You can’t really evaluate the damage and the current value of your item, and you are more concerned about your friendship.

The seven points above show you the reason why you should rent the item instead of owning it. Renting an items is lower risk, fewer responsibilities and lower cost as compared to owning it instead. Let’s start your rental journey with Leasany.